Environment: Post Apocalypse, Daniel Kvasznicza (2D)


Indeed extremely good work!

If going for realism, those layers in AE doesn’t seem like 3d and I don’t know if they even can…
I mean, your building layers could be told as 2d since they have no dimensions.

But I like it! Alot!


very impressive and nice mood.


ooohhh God! its all in one… PERFECT! :applause:


Man, that is awesome! The light is just gorgeous! Very nice work - 5 stars from me!


Ha, commander-in-chief is mad


and very good compositing :thumbsup:


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I like :buttrock:


nice pic man. great lighting/composition. work of art.

hope to see more in the future! :slight_smile:


That’s something… scary. I don’t want this ever happen. The work is great! Take 5 from me!!


[color=white][font=Arial]Excellent stuff, love the sense of life in this picture. Feels like a real warm morning, despite the gloom. Love that you’ve produced such a realistic image without swamping the image in detail; the mark of a true professional matte painter isn’t it?[/font][/color]


Incredible attention to detail… very chaotic but pleasant to see


Seem like one of those Matrix sences…
Great Work:love:


Great work man.
Perfect atmosphere and concept.
My congratulations.


wonderful ! I like it,details…really beautiful


Insane details…

You are a real artist…

I wanna know how much time this took you?


One more thing…

Will u please make a quick tutorial for this image.I mean really quick,like 2 pages or somethin…

I am 17 years and now you have just become one of my greatest idols.So please if u have time make a quick tutorial.I am sure lot of people would love to see that…


Verry good details! I apreciate the attention for them.Maybe something is missing i can feel that. something straight.


I like it.


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