Environment: Post Apocalypse, Daniel Kvasznicza (2D)


Title: Environment: Post Apocalypse
Name: Daniel Kvasznicza
Country: Austria
Software: After Effects, Photoshop

Hi there!

Yet another “against-the-light” matte painting.
I want to show off a post apocalyptic destroyed cityscape, maybe after a war.
It’s done with Photoshop CS and After Effects.
I kept the buildings in several layers and added fog in between.

Finally I rendered a camera pullback in After Effects with a previous version of the matte.
Please use “save target as …”, since I haven’t optimised the clips for streaming:

PC - WMV-File, WM Version 8 Codec (3.4 MB): http://www.inetgrafx.at/DS720.wmv
MAC - Quicktime, Sorenson Codec (9.8 MB): http://www.inetgrafx.at/DS720.mov

For those who are interested in having a look at the initial sketch: http://www.inetgrafx.at/SKETCH-POST-APOCALYPSE-V03.jpg

Thanks hoon, for helping me out with the final color correction

Cheers, Daniel

>> Hi resolution image <<


Incredible image and very scary. I hope we’ll never see this image on TV one day.

Peace to all !!


WoW this is fantastic … I like this atmosphere and I like that small lights in the destroyed buildings … very nice work:thumbsup:


That animation is just awsome! Great work!:slight_smile:


This is really SOMETHING! Looks like photo… So real…
I love your attention to details. And colors are lovely!
Great job! 5 stars!


Amazing! is it all painted or is there some texture overlays or maybe photo collaging? 5 stars for me.


High quality work! I love the light degradations and the buildings and the sky, but usually a post apocalyptic destroyed city lacks electricity water resources etc. … it’s all destroyed. My oppinion is that those electric lights come against the ideea of a war ruined city. Although, those bulbs could give the idea of an existing hope of reborning. But i think it would look more frightening without them and it would also mean that it was a heavy war. Excelent job mate, 5 stars.


Wow, that camera pullback roocks! Could you please explain in a few words the technique used to animate the fog/smoke in the clip?


incredible work!!
very impressive!love it a lot.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


I love it! Devastation was never so grand in my mind. The animation looks and feels perfect.


Yeah , very nice work, it looks like , after nuclear explosion, I like it 5 Stars from me!


how can you do this piece?~~~~ incredible& deeply impressive,delicate details lovely color

keep it up man!!:thumbsup:


Most impressive! I like apocalyptic scenes very much.
And your is more than perfect.:scream: :thumbsup:


Most impressive work… I love pictures like this :]


only one word -FANTASTIC- GREAT JOB:eek:


wow very nice artwork … and the zoomback is fantastic! :applause:

I started to learn after effects recently and id really like to know how you achieved that 3d look while zoomin back :slight_smile:

did u make the fog with some offset ps layers or just with the particle effect of ae ?


Hi there!

Thanks for your kind comments!

I started to learn after effects recently and id really like to know how you achieved that 3d look while zoomin back :slight_smile:

did u make the fog with some offset ps layers ?

After Effects and Photoshop work quite convinient together.
For example I just opened my PSD-file including the layers and had my composition already.
I converted the layers to 3d (just a click on the checkbox on each layer, by the way).
Finally I added some z-values for the depth. The fog effect is quite simple too, turbulent distortion on each fog-layer with some directional movement does the job.

Actually, it’s nothing special, but it was fun for sure :slight_smile:

You’ll find enclosed my “uber-creative” screenshot, which shows the 3d-layers in After Effects.

Thanks for your kind critiques and comments!
I appreciate all of them!


ah nice …ill just try that now :smiley: thank you :thumbsup:


badass cool


Your initial sketch is very good, with great values…and so is the end-result. Thank you for sharing this.