Environment: Platform and walkways


This is the second scene for my movie. The first scene is at:
The cylinders connected to the platform lead to the tube with the ladder from the first scene. Modeled in 3DS Max with nurbs converted to polys, and edited.


Well, I am digging the Curved railings, they look good. I also like how everything is suspended in the air by the columns. And, is that a ladder coming up through the column in the last pic?

Not much to see so far, but looks good so far. Can’t wait to see more.

BTW - The first scene looks good too. THe metal grate floor is neat.


Things changed:

  1. Added mapping coordinates to the the walkways and 4 way intersection.
  2. Added base textures to those items.

I’m still unwrapping UVs for the back platform, handrails, and the ladder tubes.
The floor tile textures are the same as the first scene, but I’ll paint new ones for the new shaped floor tiles.
Currently the main paint color is yellow, but I might change it depending on what I do with the background for this environment.


very nice looking… I was thinking of doing this… it reminds me of the main outdoor area in silent snake II… the big bubble or whatever it was called… ya know… and I loved that game… anyway for the enviroment, it would look cool if you did a sunset type looking scene with orange sky and the water splashing up on the pillars… iono i keep thinking of the sniping scene in that game when whats her face is crawling across… kinda like that… it was like the most beautiful scene i think in any game and you could pull it off very nicely with this.


I also voted for this, cuz I love this kind of stuff :slight_smile:


Did more UV unwrapping for the platform, and the ladder tubes. Added more base textures.
The sunset won’t work because the previous scene has noon time lighting. So the lighting will have the sun straight above the scene.


I made new floor textures for the 4 way intersection, and the round endpiece. I still need to make the floor textures for the platform.


looks good, the only thing I see is the space between the panels on the straight parts is too big… make it smaller. and also they are solid, I think they should have holes in it since it is a walk way by the ocean(so water doesnt stand on it and make it rust) and since the texture leans itself to having holes since its a mesh/grid thing… my 2 cents


Things changed:

  1. Added chiped paint for walkways.
  2. Cement textures for pillars
  3. Added water damage
  4. Textured floor panels for platform
  5. Turned edges, and fixed smoothing groups on the walkways.

The spacing between the floor panels looks fine when the cameras are closer to the ground. It will look fine with characters in there and with the actual cameras I’ll be using.
I looked at the designs for the platforms for the planet Camino scene in Star Wars episode 2, and they don’t have a practical water drainage system either. When Jango and Obi Wan were fighting on that platform in the rain, that water wasn’t going anywhere.


Things changed:

  1. Added water
  2. Added terrain
  3. Added sky.
  4. Textured remaining walkway section, platform, and ladder tubes.


Things changed:

  1. Made water bluer
  2. Added trees and plants to the background terrain.
  3. Desaturated sand texture on terrain.
  4. Replaced sky image with a blue gradient.


Changes made:

  1. Added blue fog.
  2. Used a noise map to displace background terrain.
  3. Used falloff map to make water transparent near and more opac further away.
  4. Added foam material at waters edge, gradient for diffuse,opacity and noise for bump.
    5.Added reflected blue light underneath platform and walkways.
  5. Added green grass texture to mountain tops, and masked it off with a falloff map.
  6. Made sky gradient pale near the bottom.
  7. Optimized number of lights, for rendering speed.


The curves and floor are awesome but the water looks too clean for this platform. You might wanna add some caustics to the scene as well.


I prefer the sandy version of the landscape to the new, grassy version, both for the look of the landscape and the fact that the grass texture looks fake, tiled and stretched.


man caustics would look nice


I think that too. And, perhaps you can detail more the background, and the water must be more “dirty” near the cylinder.

i think. :shrug:
But very nice work!

->Sorry for my bad english :buttrock:


Things changed:

  1. Desaturated yellow paint.
  2. Removed water damage from inner walkway walls.
  3. Changed terrain.
  4. Added clouds.
  5. Removed opacity map from water material.

Removed the gradient ramp from the opacity channel, not sure if this fixes it.

Still working on it.

Changed the terrain, and changed the UVs.

I haven’t figured out a way to make a foam and water particle spray system for this yet.


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