Environment: Old house


Nice progress dude!
Can u give us a little close-up on the corner -i cant see if you have rounded street or if you have modeled it -window details we tell me more :slight_smile:


I’m glad to see you are still working on this. Nice archectural detail with that curving wall. good work



super. Povedlo se ti to genialne. Jsi makac :). Jen tak dal. Jsi talent :). Fakt je to pekny.

Keep working man :slight_smile:


Ozzman & Drakaran & mistle : Thanks guys :wink:

detail for Ozzman:


Thanks. i can see now thatit is ok. Windows arent too rounded.
I will be watching this site :))


Very good! Alike Hungarian place! :slight_smile:


thanks graffb :slight_smile:
to Drakaran: cheer you mistle

new update (small) :wink:


you know, looking at this… how much of this building are you doing, Rezi? the whole block? just this one building? all buildings on the corner? great architecture modeling!


woaw nice work!


To Drakaran: its only one building (a little bigger) with more details :slight_smile: after Im gonna do part of other building (less detailed) and environment around :slight_smile: thanks :wink:

To p0lym0rph: thanks man :slight_smile:


Looking really good so far.
Could you post the original photo?


Wow nice work keep updating!


hm… photo…thats a good idea :slight_smile:


OK guys here a photo :slight_smile:


Hmm… It more looks like a render :slight_smile:


Oh -it will be a very hard to textury it -good luck :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know. But it looks to real, to perfect. Maybe I’ve seen to much realistic renders here on CGtalk :stuck_out_tongue:


the photo is too perfect? I must be missing something here… LOL interesting testiment about how realistic CG is getting, hey?


No it isn’t rendered scene. HEHE :))) It’s photo that I’ve taken to create this scene.


pretty house (photo)! :))