Environment: Old house


Hello guys, here’s beginning my new project which has title old house. I modeling according to photo which I photo in my town.

uses sw: 3dsmax 5.1 and VRay.


coming out nicely so far,not much to crit right now i think.
waiting for updates :wink:


Looks great! I think I am going to have to do an environment soon.



thanks guys :slight_smile:






Super. Jen tak dal Rezi. Doufam,ze to dokoncis :)?


decent detailing. only crit I see immediately is the corners of everything need to be beveled so they aren’t so sharp. Lookin good!


Noo. Všechna cest. Musim rict, ze to po ukonceni mistlakovova domu bude dobra zaplata :slight_smile: Fakt doufam, ze to dodelas :)) jen tak dal!


Drakaran: Ok, thanks for notice :slight_smile:
mistle & Ozzman : thanks my friends :wink:


hej rezi…seš machr…fakt dost goood!!!


krivakhranostaj : díík :wink:


hello, little update :slight_smile:


Nice update -pìknì se to rozjíždí :wink: kolik to tak má facu? Budes delat jen barak nebo celou ulici :slight_smile: Jsou nejake skici?? Dik za odpovedi -fandim!!


to Ozzman: dík, má to 15849 facu edit poly… delam to podle fotek zatim je nechci ukazovat, az pozdeji :slight_smile:


Hi Rezi…Good work so far…

For Krivak, Ozzmann and others from Czech Republik

Do U think it´s right to speak Czech in this forum??? CGTalk is international server, so give chance to reply on your post to others, who arent able to speak Czech.


But on the other hand, my English is poor too:))


I agree with Ozzman’s latest post. Although I can’;t undersand a word of it, I’m sure it was insightful. :slight_smile:

On a serious note, I think the model is great.


agree with acemax. He is all right! By now I’ll wrote all in English so as to understand everyone :slight_smile: even if my english is bad :slight_smile:

Agent 47: thanks :wink:


Right english hmmm… OK


next little update … of that parts I am with be afraid ( rounded ) What do you think?