Environment:Modern Home


a project i did for 3d1 class
gen crit comments welcome
software:Cinema 4d

can i attach an image here or what?



Wow, that’s really good. I’ll make my critiques on the final renders:

>> on the first one on the left hand side, the lights being cast on the wall need to diffuse more, and not be quite as bright since it’s a sunny day
>> I can’t tell what those circles are on the last image.
>> bring down the contrast on the image planes in the last image
>> the light above the window in the last image is way too bright.

Fix those up, and I don’t think anyone will be able to tell it’s a CG image =D


It’s allways nice to see some good quality Cinema4D work! Your modelling looks great but the lightning and the radiosity settings need some tweaking. You should raise the samples because there are some visible artifacts (those round blotches) and the rooms are pretty dark for a natural and realistic look. You could try to raise the diffuse depth to get the light bounce several times and brighten the scene. Now the lit parts are over-exposed (blown out) and the corners are too dark. But the scene looks great, it’s just a matter of playing w/ the radiosity settings to get it look perfect.

There is a great thread @ cinema4D forum here at cgtalk about room and radiosity, check it out!


hey thanks alot guys ill try tweaking those settings this weekend, and shoot some more renders out. thanks again


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