Environment : Minimalist kitchen


this is based on a photo/advert from a magazine
as I was bored of my city :slight_smile:
about a days worth in Max5, and lots of tweaking in photoshop

not much of a wip thread



Instead of having completely white windows, you may want to add hints of things – something – existing outside of those windows.


the lighting here is a bit strange, these white windows!


i like it the way it is. simple. :thumbsup:




Strange white windows a problem? No, excellent… Adds to the admosphere. Make it normal and one could just as well take a photograph from a interior magazine. And believe me we’ve got enough of those…


Originally posted by UnlikelyCorny
Strange white windows a problem? No, excellent… Adds to the admosphere.

Maybe… But it doesn’t look right. If the most left window is so bright, where does the shadow on the doors (don’t know the word, where you put stuff) come from?


It just looks like a photo to me, the only thing i don’t like that much is the floor, a hair too reflective imo. However fantastic work Simon.

ps On a side note real photographers usually shoot these kind of photos in a faked environment, they just rebuild the scene in a studio and take the photos, the bright white windows are simply ok.


I forgot… Did you use Brazil this time or is it the Max 5 renderer? Thanks. :wavey:


max 5

yeah think of the whites as more like panels that windows :slight_smile:


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