Environment: minimalist hallway


this is a picture that just popped into my head, so i made it :slight_smile:
I know it’s very simplistic, but i think that composition is its strongpoint.

Tell me what you think!


Awesome image there, I just love the use of B&W to convey this sortof futuristic hall. I’m also liking how it appears to be sortof dreamy and illusion-like. The tilting of the camera adds a nice touch. I don’t much like the balls though, but they do add to the overall scene, it would be better if you had some weird angular shape involved. Overall, very good job, if you render a higher res version I can see myself possibly using it for a desktop.


hrm… the DOF seems a bit strong, and your composition seems to have two focal points… the white-out at the end of the hall and the first ball. i can’t decide which to look at. perspective can be fun, but don’t pretend that perspective makes an image.

you could improve this by softening the light, it’s too bright and there’s not enough contrast. also, the reflection on the floor is not my cup of tea. perhaps a blurred reflection? other than that, like i said, the DOF is too sharp.

this could be really nice.


lo there

have to agree with a few of wedges crits, but i really love the camera tilt. the whole picture seem to be in constant motion somehow, very nice. :thumbsup:



great image, but I think that you should make an environment, detailed environment. Keep it up!


Nice ot see you posting here man. Nice image.

I do agree about the focal point issue. Kind of throws it a bit.



I have to disagree here. I think what make this pic beautiful is the way it is soo clean and simple. As someone else pointed, the camera tilt is very nice!

Even if, on a technical point, having 2 center of focus isn’t soo good. I think it kinda works in this pic, well it doesn’t really bother me at least.

keep up the good work!


I think im a dead ball in a line to heaven .


was that last one a crit, or a compliment? :wink:

i sorta agree about the focal point issue; but I thought that the focal blur (or lack of it) brings attention to the first sphere, while the end of the hallway is out of focus.

does this cropping help the focal point issue? if so, i may rerender a larger image so i can crop this close but still have a large image:

is that better?

(personally i like the original better, but that’s just me)


just from the feeling, i have to say i like the first one much better

what i could imagine more eventually is cropping a little bit on the right side, or even better, moving the camera forward so you can’t see the whole first ball anymore, and additionally centering the DOF on the second ball or so.

just my 2 cents

so long


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