Environment - Manhattan


Hello this is my first post here.
This is a new rendering of my Manhattan model.
Everything is modeled and rendered in Cinema 4DXL. Textured with Photoshop

Comments are welcome!




amazing detail man. it would be great, if you did a flyby video.


just amazing!

Could you tell us a little about how you created the scene?



Yeah , amazing job !


Here are some others renderings…


Very worked image, a lot of details and great modeling. Only one thing wrong for me, it,s the water, the texture isn´t real for me.

Congratulations, great render. Can you put a wire? , please.


And here are some pictures to show the whole scene of this project.
I have started by the floor for which I have made a texture from several Ikonos pictures (2). You can find them and many others at: http://www.spaceimaging.com/
The second step was to make a path for the downtown buildings to use it in an extrude nurbs (the grey buildings in picture 6).
The next step was the longest, the modeling and the texturing of the most characteristic buildings (the textured ones in pict 4). I have found a lot of pictures to help me at : http://www.wirednewyork.com/
and : http://www.greatgridlock.net/NYC/nyc.html
I have always tried to make them the most simple as possible (pict 5) .I was not too sure that my computer (Mac G4 Bi 500) could manage the whole thing (and I didn’t want to spend my life on it). Most of them are just cubes with a color, reflection, and bump maps. So I can’t make close up, but this is not the point of this project anyway. For the Village, the Midtown and Uptown area, I have used a
bunch of cubes to give the illusion of buildings, so I’m sorry but no walkthrough (pict 3).
The only characterestic buildings I have made in those areas are the Empire State the Chrysler the Meetlif, the World Trump Tower and the City Corp…
As you can notice this is far from being perfect, the buildings are not really detailed but this is not the goal of this work. I’ll may improve it from time to time, but this will never be a finished file :wip: , I don’t feel the need of modeling every single building and street light of Manhattan. :slight_smile:
PS.I have let the twin towers, because I prefer N.Y. this way:sad:


Great! But, yes…the material of the water is not so good. Try to search a tutorial of a real water…


Wow…nice detail.

Someone help him with the water!!


K, dude, this is the most insane thing Iv ever seen. How the heck did u do this! I do feel that the texturing and water need some work. i have no idea how u would go about working on the biuldings… Ah, i just can’t get over how enormous this is! How many years did u spend modeling this?


wow - i can see my apartment - pretty accurate!

did you model all of this? i think i saw a model similar to this floating around…

and i think you got the water just right - i’d like to think it was so inviting… you can take a little artistic license here and there…


That is amazing. I’m speechless. I’ve been trying for the longest time to get something that looks that good. Great job!


Wow that’s crazy!! I love that you kept the WTC towers in there. Excellent work. But it does still seem to have that CAD render quality for some reason, like it’s an architectural plan, rather than a work of art, which it is. :slight_smile:


thats simply amazing, to me it looks like a graphic intense version of the next grand theft auto on the pc or something, if there was such a thing.

Awsome work.


This it so front page material:eek: Amazing, congratulations :thumbsup:


good work but it’s a pity that it do not have there direction of light
try to put radiosity and a source of light which represents the sun…with all work on this image it will be sad not to work the light more:)


WTF?! :surprised

have you actually modeled all the city or is it a premade model? :shrug:


Originally posted by tricky3d
[B]wow - i can see my apartment - pretty accurate!



thats very impressive…even more so when you see detailing and attention to detail.
musta taken an absolute age…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


looks good…

your scene file remind of SimCity series…