Environment: Hall


pic of my latest “workrelated” work


I like it. Nice atmosphere.


Nice shot! I like the angle you chose, sorta kinda little like a fish bowl view, great lighting and environment, it’s nice and warm!





Hey that’s pretty neat. I really like the floor… it’s pretty. Though… I think I might fall off those eggish chairs if I tried to sit on them O : ). Hehee…

Nice work, man.


Lots of nice detail here. Very nice.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Now, let’s hope the customer is also satisfied…:smiley:


Ya the beanbags on the left bug a little bit. No comfort factor at all, hehe. And my wife says I slouch over now, imagine sitting in that “chair” for more than 5 mins, hehe.

The lighting is really good, The reflections on the tile are great. I especially like the big window that is casting light in the center of the scene. The hanging lights are a nice touch.

One little question, the panel next to the door looks like either an alarm pad or climate controls. but looking closer I notice that there is 2 others in the scene, one next to each door. Are those access panels for card swipers? I just can’t picture this place as a high security environment. It’s too open and inviting. And I mean that as a compliment :slight_smile:



Looks nice (good atmosphere :slight_smile: ), but… it looks small. Like a miniature not real building :.

Anyway- very nice work :).


What material will the tiles be? If they will really have such a high polish, the owners are going to get sued by all the people who fall over! Or more likely, sue you because reality is never going to match the wonderful illusion you have created.

Seriously though, the one crit I have is that the reflectance doesn’t seem to be handled consistently.

  • I don’t understand why there is a non reflecting, shadowed triangle this side of the nearest bean bag.
  • In the corridor down to the right, reflections of the ceiling lights seem to be in the wrong place and the window in the distance is not reflected, yet the left hand wall is (and to an unreasonable depth).
  • The floor in fore-ground right should have more sub-surface scattering, to imply a (dangerously!) high surface polish. It is very ‘dead’ at the moment.


really nice…keep it up!


you mean you post your commercial work before the customer gets it?
do you have permission from de beeldenfabriek to do that? :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: hehe

anyway…I like how the light fals.


Thanks for the nice critics! :smiley:

-Those sitting-eggy-sacks was an idea of the customer, so I take no blame for sour buttocks :stuck_out_tongue:
-The things next to the doors are actually signs. So you can read what kinda room is behind those doors.

-Maybe the miniature-look is because of the lens I used. It’s probebly something like 24 mm, that explains the huge perspective.

-The floor is somekindof marble-like stone. It’s correct that some tiles or non-reflactive. There was a “special design pattern” for the floor, with reflective and non reflective tiles.
Also the size of the tiles varies.

SSSSSSSTTTT!!! Keep your mouth shut, and everything will be ok. :stuck_out_tongue:


VERY Nice!

Only crit is the lighting. A bit too bright for me. Also, it looks like you have two sun sources: One from behind the camera, and another coming from the right iluminating the hallway (unless that’s a really bright light fixture from another room - looks like its coming from a window to me.


nice atmosphere.


hehe…but you should be careful…I know that the other people from de beeldenfabriek also surfing this site…(I know somebody that had his internship bij beeldenfabriek…so trust me on that one)

but I understand completely…I work for DPI and i’m also posting my works. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work Nibo!

No comments at all. If the customer did see it, it is welcome at 3dhype.com:thumbsup:


great work! and nice render:thumbsup:


I like the how you worked with the space, my favorite thing about the render is how you did the floor, really good detail. The lamps the the colors you used for the interior design is very nice. The space is very believeable. The only thing I would do differently would be the bean bags. They sort of look out of place. Overall very nice


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