Environment/flowers/3d, Paulina Serrano (3D)


Title: Environment/flowers/3d
Name: Paulina Serrano
Country: Mexico
Software: 3ds max

this is a 3d environment i did in 3d just for fun…
i want this to be photo real…so any good advice to get better results is welcome…thanx!


great light:thumbsup:

well…i think you need to work on the flowers alittle pit …its kinda fake…specialy those three in te back

  • I like it too
  • The area where the stairs and the wall meet seem a little too perfect
  • The side of the stair on the right seems too sharp too
  • The flowers look good, but the ones in the back look like paper
  • The leaves seem a little too saturated
  • Overall the image is great though, nice shafts of light


looks good, but frontpagestuff ?


same thought.


Beautiful work and great atmosphere! I can almost smell the
flowers from here! :thumbsup:


wire please. Looks great tho. At first I thought it was done in photoshop. I like the lighting a lot.


Come on guys I thought we have been through this before. No post that say “frontpage?” or similer things. If you don’t like it then give some advice.

I think it is a really good scene I really like your lighting. It gives it a nice soft feel. I also like the steps espically around the corners. The bumpness gives the steps a nice touch.

Great job.


Really cool stuff! Really photoreal! The lighting is awesome!

Could you explain it a bit; is it rendered in Scanline renderer?! And how have you made such cool lighting?! All info is welcome to me :wink:

Congrats with the frontpage BTW!


Paulina Serrano - Great scene I like the simple feel to it… great lighting effects… it’s nice to see a simple yet effective scene make the front page…

keep up the good work…


I said nothing…


Hey youth why are you so cruel? :slight_smile:
I do like this picture, however, the upper flowers are really not-so-real, but a little work with transluciency and it’ll be ok.


In my opinion it’s a nice picture, but i think it’s not a front page work.


I think it is a nice picture, something different from cd players on wooden tables. :twisted:


I’m in no position to judge the decision of the moderators, to tell if this is a fronpage work, so I’ll will not.

Not the best frontpage artwork I’ve ever seen here, but it sure is a nice image, with a good athmosphere. I think the others are right about the flowers, they should be more lifelike, they are in the image focus. The bigger flowers could use some noise, variation, and the smaller, denser ones have too dark inner shadows. This forms a plastic look, which is well exaggerated by the waxy leaves. Tweak those textures a little bit, its all in the details.
The walls could also use some more detail, splotches, sratches, dust here and there, maybe a bug climing up the wall, etc… A small, hardly visible volume light like effect with a bit of noise might also add more depth to the image.
I’m sad to see, that my latest post didn’t made it to the frontpage, but I won’t vote bad just becouse but I like this image, and so, I’ll rated it 4 stars, because IMO it deserws it.

And sorry, for my english and typin’ I was quite in a hurry. :wink:


P.S.: If you don’t like this image, and give a bad vote, please, post why you have voted that way. Don’t lower someones rating just becouse you’re jealous and envy someones success. If you’re not that good, admit it, and try to improve your skills. CGtalk was once a respectful community, don’t spoil others fun. Thank you.


OK! Sorry!
I’m a little bit nervous… I apologize to Pau and moderators.


i don’t know if i can really give any suggestions that haven’t already been mentioned, but i really like this. both the lighting and atmosphere are great. i think the composition works really well. the 3 flowers in the back bother me the most, basically because there is not enough variation in them. the area on the right where the stair meets the wall looks really odd because it’s such a fine line. the stairs also don’t look wide enough… but that could just be me. :slight_smile:


Hi all

Thanx to the moderators for concider my scene as a front page work, I can´t judge if deservs it or not, but I did my best. I try to made a good 3D scene with nice light and I think I make it.

Anyway thanx everybody for your coments and critics I´m going to take the advices for make a better job.




muy bien…it`s realy nice and colors are good.


Very nice :applause: welldone :thumbsup:
just i think you must use some SSS for flowers.