Environment: FireFly Inn


feedback welcomed. done in Lightwave.


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What a beautiful image!!


Very nice, the more I see of Lightwave, the more I want to learn it.

Might want to up the bump on the brick/tiles a tad. It looks a bit flat at the moment.


:applause: :applause: :applause:


Yeah, I like this slight painted style.


i like it LW rocks.

only crit is that the beams would have the stones surround them and line up to it, not just smacked down like in your pic. small error i know but i think its the only one!


Please make a render at 1280x1024, I want this as my background :slight_smile:


The windows are just a simple painted texture with a luminance channel and I added a glow to it in LW. I’ll put the window texture up (and a bigger render) at the end of today.
Thanks for the comments, they really help me understand what others see in my work!



Beautiful. Sky maybe a tad too strongly blue in places for my taste, btu that’s just me. A building this old might not be quite so geometrically correct either, but again, small crit.

Lovely work, keep it up!


If that’s water in the front I’d say it needs a little more work. I at first thought it was a path. I think the color should be closer to the sky color. I like the glowing bugs and the smoke.


nice image… i too agree about the water, i coulda swore it was a path till it was mentioned… and from the dated look of the sign i would think the building might be a little more deteriated… still a very nice image. good work


I agree the about the water, It was the first time I’d ever tried making water. I finally worked it out on the third image (you can see the results on Midnight Beloved) I prefer that water.

I wanted to add a boat to the shot but ran out of steam. This whole image was inspired by the sleepy hollow movie by Tim Burton. My images have been coming out with great “feel”, without the “Look” I think I need to add more age and inperfections.



one for color, the other for illumination. I apllied a glow to the shader as well.


very nice
i like your style:applause:


I’d really like to hear the negative comments from viewers, I need to know why so many have looked and not made a comment, don’t be shy, hammer away! I want it, I can take it.


Very nice, but there something that I don`t like about the pumpkin, the rest is beautiful :slight_smile:


very nice, I’m a LW user too.

I guess the water is frozen, if not, it needs some tweaks :wink:


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