Environment : Delivery Room


This is one of the shot’s from my delivery room set, that I am developing for my demo. All C&C welcome!!!


Feels like a WWII era military hospital.

Is that what you were going for? If so, great job!

Makes me think that some alien-abducted, nabbed-by-the-military, mother-to-be will be visiting here soon. Feels secret and somewhat spooky.


looks pretty good but the lighting looks a little weird


I agree with jkyoutsey vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1441346”, true); … looks like a top secret delivery room:) Maybe military stem cell research stuff :slight_smile: good stuff keep it up

Nice texturing and overall apperance… I would work on the lighting a little more… I like the dark gloomy feel but something just does not fit… I would have to stare at it more but maybe it is just me… I think it would look aewsome if the scene was lit primarly by a overhead surgery light … Like the ones on arms in operating rooms… just and idea


it’s coming along great! very DARK and SINISTER…
TOOOTALLY wwII-ish… it does need an accent light…
that overhead surgery light sounds like a great idea…
it would draw more attention to the delivery bed
which is what i think you’re going for, anyway…

maybe start it out dark and make the lights flicker?
hehehe… just a thought.

much respect,


I like it ALOT. The only crit is that the tile needs to be more focused. Very photorealistic.

here is a update on my set, I was playing with with softening the shadows and adjusting the floor textures a bit. I would like to make it a bit darker. I am still tweaking here and there (funky spec). But lately I have been working on my infant and mother characters for the set. C & C  welcome.


it’s all looking very cool. you’ve come a long way, and your models and set are looking awesome. can’t wait to see the whole thing done. keep it up, lady.


looking pretty good, post the new stuff ;).


demo! demo! LOL :scream:


Great modeling!
The floor is much better now.
But shadows need to be softer, or even darker.
Would you adjust the specular on the door shader? ( last picture )
Those big burned highlights destroy the beauty of the light set…
The hardest part of the job is almost done but don’t miss the fine tuning…
Keep it up!


cool work maritza , your delivery room has this eerie kind of feeling to it , if thats what your going for then cool , but maybe a bit more light would help it , but anyways good modeling post up that demo sometime i want to see the rest of it :slight_smile:


Verry nice modeling. but maybe you can use dirtmap for more realistic rendering …


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