this is a new thing im working on. the clouds were painted in photoshop. but i feel that they don’t really have much volume. does anyone know any good techniques for achieving this effect? i tried various filters. (most notably the accent edges). i find they look too flat now. maybe you know some good tutorial sites? thanks a lot!


They’re not half bad I 'spose. Contrast. Contrast is the key.

I wish I had time to explain more and maybe give examples but… I don’t. I’m horrible at clouds anyway so maybe it wouldn’t help =p.


The clouds are on a 2d plane, in a 3d environment right? Thats whats wrong. You will lose a lot of detail that way and your contrast will be off. Try rendering, then painting on top of it. Use reference


thanks for the contrast advice. i just burnt and dodged the appropriate areas, and I think its looking better now. still needs work tho…


Looking much better. It still lacks a bit of depth though, and I think it’s a bit too yellow. That may just be me being picky, but, yeah.

Check out this picture of a sunset:

Or you could try for this effect… having the clouds be ‘in shadow.’ Like this picture:

Keep workin’ man. I really is looking better.


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