Environment: Bathroom interior


Hi all.

This is my first post to any of the gallery forums.

I first made this scene mainly for testing out Mental Ray and after some hours of seroius tweaking, this is what I got.

Maya + MR

Any comments are welcome!


The two images are nice. I espeically like the daytime sence’s lighting. It looks like you are using radiosity, what kind of render times are you getting?


Hmmm… I think the 1024 render took about 5 h to render on my 2x 1.7GHz.


looks photo-realistic to me

Very Nice work :thumbsup:


Woooooow!! :drool:

This is fantastic! Very realistic work! :thumbsup: Congrat! :bowdown:


if the plant next to the bathtop looked the same in the daytime pic. as in the night one it would be perfect :buttrock:


Nitpick: In the daylight scene the bath looks like it’s off the ground becuase of the light around the back foot, could be remedied by a slight shadow or heavier reflection at the base. In the night-time scene the light reflecting off the walls nest to the lamps is too strong, it’s blowing out. should be maybe about half that.

Apart from that top quality work mate!


I wish my bathroom was that big and clean. Very nice work.:thumbsup: Both lighting conditions show off the room very well. The only things I would like too see is more items on the shelf, rather barren right now. Not a big deal. It’d also be cool to see a less clean version, you know, like a ‘before and after’ pic. Keep it up, looks great.

I NEED A MEDIC (and some feedback please…)


Very nice. I would, however, love to see a different version other than daylight since you nailed that pretty well. Try a sunset image by tinting your light. I bet it would be beautiful!!


Thank you guys!

I agree its a little empty… will consider adding more “stuff”.

Sunset lighting… sounds nice… will try that.


Nice, but how is the water collected and drained out of the tub?


realy nice work. i like it. :applause:
Do you have any other rendered image with mentalray ?


So beautiful!
Just like a pohograph!


So beautiful work!!
Perhaps the plant on the corner cabinet should more lighten in the daylight scence. And it will realistic more.




the 2 pics are very well done but the first pic is 100% real world .


the 2 pics are very well done but the first pic is 100% real world

Thanks man! It’s quite impressive what one can achive with ONE light only (first pic).


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