Environment: Assault Of Tirathon, Bulgarov (3D)


Love it dude!! Nice work and sense of scale. I almost agreed with the fact that the windows were to close vertically, but decided that they are pretty much exact on. After comparing the size of the window to the warrior on the very last ladder, they look to scale. I personally like the mountaing the way they are, but the sky could be even more interesting if it had some sort of storm brewing in the far background or some kind of haze to simulate falling snow or rain in the distance. Maybe a second layer of lower clouds gathered towards the tops of the mountains with little breaks to reveal the original sky?? Yeah dude…the crowd is awesome!! Give us some feed back on how it was created. The only thing I dont like is the repatition in the texture. Its cool to have the dark lines, but maybe make a more unique texture with unique lines differing from each other. Some moss and vines in the corners and edges, broken stones, firy arrows and fire balls zipping in the sky, etc. Maybe the ever popular huge pot of boing water beeing poured onto the enemy.?? Also I just noticed that the haze, though it looks great, is a bit unnatural. What I mean is, it is all foggy on the crowd below, but then seams to only follow to the crowd on the entrance. Its either too much on the warriors at the entrance or it needs to be set a bit higher from the ground of the bottom warriors. Great Job though man!! Keep it up!!!


The texture repeats too obviously on the castle…Looks a lot like the assault on Helms deep from “The two towers” If this has been mentioned already then forget it. I didn’t take the time to read all the comments :stuck_out_tongue:
Good Work, lots of detail.


thats just awesome work dude
but one question how did you place them soldiers:) plugin ???


show me a wire frame?


Just beautiful… I know what I’m about to ask is rather basic, but I still have lots to learn. My question is, how do you create the glow around the areas of your objects with more specularity? I’ve tried the default glow filters in Max, but can’t seem to get what you’ve achieved. Thanks in advance!



what a beauty! i love this pic
GREAT JOB… mad detail :eek:

Keep it coming!


very nice scene…I’m curious hojw long it took u too render and what type of computer you have? It would be nice to see an animation of that scene (maybe a fly through?).


stunning :surprised


The colors,the mood and the lighting is just great. My only crits would be the mountains and the textures but thats it. (but that was pointed out by others already)

Keep up the good work.


oustanding render


really awesome piece. it looks more painted than modeled. i love that war colors and atmosphere. however, i agree that the wall texture is a bit too tiled :wink:


Better than Bad its GOOD! I really like the overall depth to the piece and as others have already mentioned the repeating texture on the castle is distracting but I would really love to see a wireframe if possible.


Wow, just wow, that looks just great man! Only wall could maybe be improved, as others said, but I just love the atmosphere and fog or something like that in the scene.


realy great work :smiley:


Definately reminds me of lotr. Nice work.


very lovely…


absolut great! :thumbsup:


I like it, but i think it`s to glowy


I think it is stupifying. Me too, I’m curious to the why and how of the multiplied attackers


:scream: ohhhhh … ahhhhhh me Like :slight_smile: :bounce: