Environment: Assault Of Tirathon, Bulgarov (3D)


Title: Environment: Assault Of Tirathon
Name: Bulgarov
Country: Moldova
Software: 3d Max 5

I was inspired by “Lords of the rings” and decided to create something with a big “scaleness” :))))

The scene has more than 2.500.000 faces and 45.000 objects.


incredible detailed scene - congrats


Wow, that looks great! I would expect it to have more polies, I think you did a good job on that! Was the crowd hand-created by the way ?

Something what I would expect to see more in this scene is more and larger banners. The different armies are quite hard to distinguish now.


:eek: that is amazing! Great work man! how long did it take to render?


WOW outstanding job man!! Did u used any plug-in for crowd simulation?

Comgrats! :thumbsup:


i love this , the colour! the overal feel of it, very nice piece, front page :slight_smile:


WOW!!! Great image :applause:


WOW. thats a great image all around!


brilliant image :thumbsup: but I find the texture tiling on the castle quite distracting


You got my point! It’s great, i like it!


wow :eek:

thats really cool!!!

only crit is that…no…wait…i have no crits !! haha!


I also think that the tiling on the castle is distracting. The windows on the side of the castle look odd, like they’re too close together vertically.


that’s very cool.


Heh, very, very nice. Only comment I have is that the caste wall texture is repeating clearly… other as that - very, very good. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


GOD DAMN!!!:bounce:
i enyoj looking at a complex work. great job


Great job :thumbsup: Amazing image.


Absolutely amazing.

But I’m curious about the placement of soldiers as well. Did you use some kind of plugin/script or did you place all the soldiers manually?


The Parrot, thats exactly what i was gonna say!
excelent image, but the brick lines are too repeptetive, i’d mix it with another brick texture and maybe add a mask texture for holes and dirt on the wall.


Very nice battle scene. I think the picture balance tend to lean a bit to the right…but not very pronounced. The mountains could need more detailing they appear to be generated and not handcrafted. I myself like the tiling of the castle texture… feels very stylish… kinda like you used a sharp pen to do a contrast surface on a drawing and being lazy and copied it without making it irregular which makes it look deliberately unique in style.


really nice!

My only critic is you would work on the texture of the round part of the castle more, we see it’s a “copy and past” texture.

But the battle is awesome!!! please give us some details how you made it :bounce: