Enviroment Urban Highway


Here’s a couple renders of the background from a project that I did a few months ago. It’s just supposed to be an urban highway, and it originally had 2 cars running down it. Anything that needs to be fixed or added?


I Really do like this, looks quite low poly but i think it looks really stylish. textures work perfect too.

Should be able to do some really cool animations with this. :thumbsup:



Hey look really nice, but the buildings with blue windows, the textures are the same on the side of the two buildings.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks guys, yeah it’s really low poly, but that was the idea. And darn someone noticed the building repeated, I’ll fix it, lol.


The geometry is very good. Excellent scene composition and layout! keep up the good work :slight_smile:

What rendering system did you use and how realistic are you trying to make this? The following criticism I make might be too nitpicky depending on your objective. Take them into account with your setup:

I don’t know what kind of render time you can afford, but the lighting looks a little unbelievable. The spread of the beam on the street lamps extends beyond what it should. The light itself also looks to me like it doesn’t get weaker as it gets farther from the source. Did you put any attenuation decay on it?

Continuing on that point, is there any Indirect Illumination in this scene? Looks to me like it was skylight with some Direct Illumination from point sources. Adding indirect light might help if it isn’t there already (longer render time though :)).

Again, i’m just being nitpicky about realism here! Very good work! :slight_smile:



Actaully most of the scene is lit by indirect light since the sun has dipped beyond the horizon. I should add some attentuation to those spots though you’re right. I have an ambient pass rendered for it that is multiplied over the rest of the image.


the need for speed! :scream:

I’m kidding, but your scene is really good. If you have cars, you really should make an animation.

I’ve never seen blocks of concrete like that, they look really big (if we look at the metal beam, etc.)

for the light of the buildings, is it made with textures?
Keep it up!


The buildings were rendered with incandescence maps. Then when i pieced the layers together I upped the contrast of the layer so it was jsut black and white, applied a blur and then layered it overtop of the original renderings.

There is an animation that goes with this, i’ll have to post it in a minute.

here’s an old test render with the car in it, there were still some things to add to it such as a windshield wiper, and the tesselation was really low so it would render fast.


Scene looks sweet.

Definitely need to add crud, crap, chaos.

Car is super sex.

Great work mon.


Wow, nice car!! Can’t wait to see it in action!


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