Enviroment: Morning Light


Hey folks,
This is piece is inspired from the master of light, Rembrandt.
Software: Maya, photoshop and Shake. Modeled in poly’s, texture mapped with photoshop, rendered with Mental Ray, 31 spots, 1 animated point, incandescent map, d-map shadows, ambiance created with lightfog and zdepth as alpha in compositing.


I really like the mood you’ve got to this piece. One question though, whats the story behind the door at the back? It seems far too small for an adult human…

Nice texturing job on the windows and the far wall. Did you experiment with using a dark coloured light to tint the shadowed areas instead of them being black?


Nice work, Richard. I saw this one over in the CGChannel gallery, and hoped you’d bring it over here. It’s nice to see people paying attention to their textures, and not just slapping an image from a texture library on there.


Hey man I like your lighting and the textures looks nice too!
On suggestion only! Try to remove the man from the scene and give us a bigger render if can!

Good work though!
Keep it up!


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