Enjoying summer break, yinxuan Li Dezarmenien (3D)


Title: Enjoying summer break
Name: yinxuan Li Dezarmenien
Country: France
Software: Modo

Illustration inspired from Victoria’s secret swimming suit collection. Summer break is coming soon, it’s time to chill out.


WOW, once again…
you are killing me with these illustrations :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome :bowdown:

keep it up :slight_smile:



Very cute face! I like hat and her pose.

Skin is beautiful too!


So cute!
:applause: bravoooooooo :applause:


Thank you for your sweet comments.
here is an illustration where you can watch the same character having fun in a photo booth.

Hope you guys like it


oh she is cute… great work


Lovely character, very well done. I also love the expressions.


Cute one… Great job and amazing expressions :slight_smile:


Lovely work Yinxuan! I love the model, expressions and nice renders!


French women are beauty full :slight_smile: great pic love it!


Good job and amazing expressions.:smiley:


Really like the photo booth shots, the hair and expressions are great!


Indeed, a gorgeous series of expressions! :thumbsup: The initial render is almost a bit too good, concerning VS trivial poses, but the character is in the top row of the many cute cartoony ladies. Extremely well done!


Beautiful character


Beautiful! love the color and design :smiley: Congrats!


Amazing character. Love the photo booth renders.


Why is this anything?


Seriously? :expressionless:


Nice image !


Thank you for all your sweet comments. it really cheering me up to give my best and become a better cg artist.
Right now i m writing a tutorial for the magazine 3d artist regarding the work on “Photomaton”. I hope you will like it and will be usefull for the cg community.