Endzeit, Michael Kutsche (2D)


Title: Endzeit
Name: Michael Kutsche
Country: Germany
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Personal work, patrolling robot drone. Completely done in Painter and Photoshop. Started with the lasso tool, for playing with silhouettes.


Wow…AWESOME :smiley:


Great desing the robot! I very like the athmosphere build from that cold colors.


Sorry about my English!


very cool illustration! Awesome bot design. Excellent detail.


This is really strong Michael - fantastic sense of weight and power, and your lighting is excellent as always. Phil


I love the atmosphere and the way you’ve used the noise, difficult to say what time of the day we are, and that gives the pic a great mysterious feeling!
Great work!Greets


Thanks for the nice replies, much appreciated!


The excellent atmosphere, is effect of presence!


Very well done.

I would love to see it with a wider palette.


Das ist klasse. Perspektive und und die Farben passen sehr gut.Und sehr viele Details


Dude this is awesome…i love it!!:thumbsup:


Hey Michael,
Just to let you know that we are still working at the animation I told you about :slight_smile:
Here is the preview for the animation: http://vimeo.com/1565624
And here is the solider rendered (still wip, the hair from the arms still needs some work): http://vimeo.com/1793221
And here is an full render still frame: http://www.reactive4.com/stuff/bug_robot/oras_wip18b.jpg I know that we moved away a bit from the initial concept but I thought it serves better for the animation.

Anyway, great work again, I love that picture!


Thanks a lot!

@AdrianLazar: WOW, cool, I love how it’s developing! Can’t wait to see the final film,
Keep it up!


Michael, I’m always impressed the way you render your paintings so they looks… well like 3d render. You’ve a good eye to keep it all natural yet capturing a nice scene. Killer mix of technical, artistic and endurance skills.


@ Elfa: Thanks a lot mate, hope to see some more of your great art soon!


Very cool could not work out if it was 3d or the background was a photo ???:smiley:

Nice use of colours, this piece has a very nice mood and it feels like its moving …Great energy


Wow. Amazing!


the robot design is very great to me~ no comment:beer:
good job~


Amazing work. Congrats for this new award :applause:


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