endomorph sizing problem in 8


LW vers. 8–
I’ve checked diff. models, and did diff. tests. All my endomorphs are distorting when I size the base up/down. They are relative also. Only the edited part of the endomorph distorts also. This isn’t suppose to happen. Has this happened to anyone? I feel stupid.


have you tried scaling the morph using the Scale Morph command?


Thanks for the reply faulknermano. Yes, it works fine on the endos. It’s when I scale the base, they get messed up. I’m trying to scale a head(w/morphs) about -65% to porportion.
I modeled it in 7.5 and I had to cut/paste it, in 8, to get my new open gl view modes to show on the model too??


When scaling your base it doesn’t scale the endos…scale in layout not in modeler and all will be fine…if you need to scale down in modeler…you’re going to have to scale the morphs as well…hope that helps:)


Yes, it does scale the morphs(just how it’s suppose to)…the problem is the edited part gets distorted the more you scale.
Didn’t try it in layout Remi, good idea. I guess 'cause he’s not finished. Will try that… thanks.


the layout idea is great. havent tried it, but i feel it’s going to stick. thanks. :slight_smile:


Well, I see morfmixer but it’s not in my plugins file list and I get an error when trying to open it. I think I need to reinstall and clear my configs?
I did get around scaling it in modeler by using applymorf to the base of a copy and then doing a bkg to morf, back on the original base model to the appliedmorf copy. I scaled my object before the bkgr to morf.


i use 7.5, so i’m not sure how much of help this is: it doesnt keep its morph unless Scale Morph is used. strange this thing is that i have to use Use All Morphs, because it wont work with just a single morph.

i’ve got an idea, but not now.

i’ve tried scaling in layout and the endos vanish on a Save Transformed. :frowning: i guess it didnt work.


I’ve got the scale worked out. Now I can’t find morphmixer?
I never noticed,before 8, if endos acted this weird. Or I got a bad install?


Re install…still the same. It’s the new vers. I guess.
I learned this- Morfmixer doesn’t work if you use head.smile, you must delete the (.) in vers. 8. It works in 7.5 though.
Still weird offset on endo geometry when base is scaled though. I guess now,w/8, I must set scale first before finishing.



It is possible to resize an object in Layout instead, Save Endomorph As, then Save Current Object. You can then copy the base object to another layer in Modeller, then Apply Morph 100% (for the re-sized morph just created in Layout), then use the Background to Morph function to create a new, re-sized morph! Then delete the old morph that you couldn’t resize in Modeller!

Its a bit long-winded but it does work! I’ve given up trying to resize morphs in Modeller! I’m designing a group of characters and its handy to do the relative re-sizing in Layout!



Howdy again!

In fact you needn’t ‘Apply Morph 100%’ in Modeller at all if you just wanted one or two smaller morphs, with the base object the original size.

If you wanted to resize the lot, the base model as well as all of its morphs at once, I guess you could try resizing the object in Layout, and ‘Save Current Object’, but not using ‘Save Endomorph As’ first!

I think!



Did endos work like this before 8? I never notice it.


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