Endomorph-Induced Ballooning File Size!


Greetings, Lightwavers!

I’ve just rigged a character with around fifty compensatory endomorphs and discovered that the file size has ballooned to a humungous degree!

I vaguely recall a way of deleting point positions in vertex maps, such as endomorphs, that have the same positions of their counterparts in the base model, in order to reduce file sizes. That is, deleting vertex data for points in the endomorph that have not been modified, as compared to the base object. However, I don’t know how to do this! I’ve just switched over to LW8, so any advice would be much appreciated!

Many thanx!



You could use the native Cull Map, but it would go alot faster to fix all those morphs in one go using Clear Zero Pins plugin ( http://www.flay.com/GetDetail.cfm?ID=1577 ).


Many thanx, Evenflow!

I’ll have a go with cull map for the time being, as you suggest! I’m glad to hear that LW8 has a specific tool to solve this problem! I’m in the final stages of rigging a character which, for one technical reason or another, has taken several false starts to fully complete! Is it just me, or is computer graphics inherently slow?!

Many thanx again!



As far as I know, endomorphs are the only vertex map data that will be active for all vertices, no matter if they take a shift or not. So I’m afraid you’re out of luck. I don’t know how u drive the correcting morphs, but I’d suggest combining as much morphs as possible into one morph, then accessing them via LW’s normal displacement plugin (in morph mode) and weightmaps with envelopped opacity’s, or via Polas’ Smartmorph plugin.



I think non-translated points can be removed from morph maps - I’ve just come across an old tutorial in 3D World magazine. According to this, in version 7.5, in Modeller’s display tab: Maps>Select By Map Influence>Range (enter: minimum 0, maximum 0.0001) will select and remove points in a morph that are minimally displaced, relative to the base object! Apparently, assuming this isn’t a misprint, points less than 0.0001 displacement can be removed using the _ key!

I’ll have another look at Lightwave 8, that I’ve recently installed, to see if there’s a comparable feature. But I think Cull Map should work anyway, as Evenflow suggested! Its indicated in the LW8 manual!

Thanx and all the best!



Howdy, again, Lightwavers!

I can confirm that Cull Map does indeed remove non-translated points from endomorphs, with a resultant reduction in object file size.

For Cull Map Threshold, I originally input 0.0001, but found that the morph changed shape slightly, so ramped Threshold down to 0.0000001, which works fine. Any point displacement smaller than the Threshold will be cleared, when Clear Map is checked.

However, it dosen’t work on weight maps.

All the best!



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