enchanted forrest - 2d character - Stygian


OK I know I’m entering this thing with only like 2 days to go so my entry will prolly suck but I just got my wacom and I’ve never tried painting in PS before without scanning a pencil sketch first so …
My concept is to have this troll sitting in a cave waiting for the magic to come back there will be a cityscape in the background and a denuded hill where the old forrest used to stand . Like I said this is my first time round so any hints on technique or links to good tutorials would be greatly appreciated.



Moving right along a little update . I’m starting to paint the troll . I’m using a technique I found in a tutorial using grey scal then dodge & burn my shading and details then I’ll go back and adjust the color balance to get the shade I want . Any Crits or suggestions would be cool.


Keep going, the deadline approaches… but I’m sure you’ll make it. I’ve never tried the technique you spoke of. No crit yet, I’ll check back when you get the forground blocked in. Concept is lookin good:)


OK last upodate for the night its 3 am and time to sleep . Thanks for the reply Sleepless. well I think I’m about done with the troll thing he was looking a bit plain so I added some scales (if your running around naked you have to have something don’t you?) . well good night .


I hate work but it pays the bills so… maybe next month .
I’ll try not entering 3 days before the challenge is over this time :slight_smile:


Read this tutorial , it amazingly improved my Tablet skills in photoshop,


Thanks Ronin that was the kind of response I was looking for :wavey:


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