Enchanted forest-environment/chars-Tommy Lee


Hi again!

I thought I give it a totally new try…
Here is the first draft of my new concept.

@any moderator, please delete the other enchanted thread of me!
Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:

So crits and comments are welcome, like ever!!!:cool:

A little description:

Two old chars of me: The Madhatter and Humpty the egg(YES…from Alice behind the mirrors, just my version)…

The title of the pic: “Getting Lunch!?”:surprised

Laterz for a new update of this one

Tommy Lee


Oh rock on my, I like it, its twisted. Very nice. composition much nicer


Lovely style Tommy :slight_smile:
very cool.
Though i liked your earlier image better, this one has a bit of a cool twist aswell. Lol, with an egg and all…:thumbsup:


Thanks folks…

And here the first update(Layerorgie again…lol):surprised


And another update…The last for today.

Its now 4:30 am and I´m tired.

Good night





Beasty! I like it!

Go on! I want to see colour!!

(hehe und Grüße zurück… scheinst ja auch don Freak zu sein der noch morgens um 5 vor der kiste hockt ;))


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Although I liked the other one as well … this one really tells a better story. Very dark bit of humor here. I LOVE IT!!!

I was going to say position the egg and tree he’s hiding behind a bit to the right … but then you added the other stuff and it looks fine now.

waits for color


@Pater: Thanks for ya comment. And yeah, I am the freak who sits till mornig in front of the monitor,… And after sleeping a few hours I´ve to go to my Studio and ink the dudes and dudettes wich luv bodymods.

@Kirt: Thanks for ya comment. And I am happy that you like it…
I thought I´ll do a new one, because that discussion about ripping-off was a bit to much for my egocentric artistmind(lol),…
And here is the new one,… made out of a fairytale and my sick-twisted mind:twisted:
Hope to finish it till judgementday…:surprised

Cya till the next update

Tommy Lee


Originally posted by Tommy Lee
[B]And another update…The last for today.

Its now 4:30 am and I´m tired.

Good night

:insane: [/B]

Poor Humpty!

It is certainly an eggcellent sketch you have made, and I’m sure it will be an eggstravagant piece of art when it is finished! I’m not yolking when i say that either! :applause:



Dude!!! :bounce:
This is fantastic! I would love to see this colored!

(btw, did you play "Americain Mcgee’s ALICE?)


Very cool style!


@RenderedBrian: Thanks for ya comment, and nice wordplay ya have here…lol:thumbsup:

@Jeroentje: Thx,… and yes, I played Mc Gee´s Alice…real sick but I like it:surprised

@KOryH: Thnk ya too… and I luv ya pic so much. This challenge is real hard.:bowdown:


Tommy Lee


Great drawing. Go man Go.


YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAW . . . humpty dumpty OWNZ man . . .

very groovy style ya got goin on there . . .


Little Update!(Damn 50K´s…bad quality)

Did some work on humpty and madhatter…

More to come



…and another!:wip:


hey tommy this looks great dude, this is leaps and bounds superior to the clown you made a while back. i really like it. I think you need more contrast in the greytones but thats my opinion. clean it up a bit. besides that GREAT:buttrock:


@Elfufu: Thanks for comment. But this pic will be a colored one.
I just make the blackwork to get a muddy look when I
overpaint it.

More comments and crits please:wavey:


Tommy Lee


Last update for today:


Realy the last one:drool:

Its now 3:00 am,… good night:wavey: