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Alright! I joined this user group several months ago when I saw how awesome this challenge group can be, and now I’m going to plunge forth into this eerie forest. I’m going to work on this everyday, since I kind of have the time to. I graduate with MFA in Sculpture this June 10th, and I have an interview to prepare for this week, but during and after that… creation!

I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to model this guy! I originally designed this character to be made of the essence of the forest. He is a troll of sorts. And he has not a very nice personality. Composed of the tree’s limbs and roots, dead leaves, moss, etc. I will be making a drawing of the forest around this character, so I can better envision it.

This will be a strict amount of insane modeling only. I want to spend much time modeling this complex form and geometry.
I will be working in Lightwave 3D 6.5b (unless I get my job, which I will then purchase 7.5 immediately).

I might make a few of this guy with variation. (Sort of hanging out in the forest).


close up…


Hey, looking -------- great! and sounds good too. Got the feeling that this one is going to be really marvelous :wink: Good luck…

Ok, i’m going to take a brake now so this is the last one that i got the first reply on :slight_smile:


i smell texture eyecandy!


Thats Beautiful.!
Do you plan to model the detail or texture it…?
Or Both…?

I would be impressed to see you model the detail in.
Good Luck:thumbsup:


Yes I mention that in my first post. I plan on modeling everything. A very high poly mesh. For the itsy bitsy details I will eventually texture it, but not for this challenge.

I have big plans! whahaha!


This will be a strict amount of insane modeling only. I want to spend much time modeling this complex form and geometry.

Sorry Man, I dont know why I missed that, I definatly read through the rest of it…???:shame:

I want to see this seamless:p Just to make life evern hardder:surprised

Just kiddin.


That’s why they call this a “Challenge”.:smiley:


Hello, just so everyone knows, I’m still doing this. I have been sidetracked by many important things. But I’m still going to do what I said I was going to do.

here’s the beginning.


Hey that’s a really wicked concept sketch :thumbsup:
There isn’t really much to crit on the model so far though… all I can say is good luck!! And hoping to see an update soon :slight_smile:





That looks really promising!!!
If the 3D model is gonna be as good as the concept than this one would be great!!!



a little further. I concentrated on the mouth today.


Some more,
Boy, Am I going to be tired at work in four hours. But… it’s fun!:buttrock:


another angle


A bit of a dramatic angle, and I did a little work on his left eyeball (upper right section). Not Much. I started a summer job today, so I had less time.

Good night, all.


This is really coming along well. It’s starting to look a lot like your initial sketches. I love it so far. I guess my only crit right now would be to maybe set up a more standard 3-point light setup for your renders to really show off all your great modeling goodness.


I’m really sorry, and admit, i don’t have degree in 3D animation. So, maybe you could tell me what this standard “3-point lighting” entails.

I’m using a standard dramatic phototgraphy lighting used for portraits. Achieving the darkest darks and lightest lights. Which I’m sure you are familiar.



So I did some research, and talk to my photographer. Standard 3 point lighting… got it! (Sorry for the assumption of needing an animation degree. I now know it is a photography degree). :slight_smile:

[FYI: I have a degree in sculpture]

I’ve posted a similar image with better lighting for seeing the form.:smiley:


I was able to work on this for about 3 hours today. I increased the variation in the form around the mouth area. I have a close-up as well.