Enchanted Forest 2d-WIPChar-Tommy Lee


Hi dudes and dudettes!

Here is my entry for the challenge. Kirt motivated me…hehe!

Here is the first WIP of the Char wich will scare the trees in there

SO… I hope to finish this till judgementday…

More to come;)


Tommy Lee


Very nice man. I love the style, are you going to be putting him in a scene?


Really cool character! He looks like something Tim Burton would dream up. :thumbsup:


Here is a little update I did till now…

This would be a layerorgie…hehe:hmm:

Hope to update this WIP soon.
Will post often to show ya (who´s interessted!) how i work…


Tommy Lee


ooooooooops…forgot the image:drool:

Here it is…


This guy looks a lot like vivi from final fantasy 9 in my opinion


Oh hey! This looks cool! Glad you decided to join the challenge.

psumo - what is Vivi from FF9? Without knowing what that is, all I can say is that’s a pretty harsh comment … can you post an image or link?


I’ve got also the idea of a light rip off, but then again how original are we all? I think it looks okay and there are certainly some thing that may look like Vivi but it has it’s own style and is allmost a completely different character with a big vivi hat…

I must I like the concept so far and maybe we should give him a break!

I think everyone should make out for them selfs how they think about this so I post a picture of Vivi…


Vivi from FF9 is himself a direct rip off of Orko from He-Man.


@puddlefish Lol, very true:)

Psumo, i think there are dozens of characters with a big pointy hat, so calling it a rip off is a bit strong, dont you think?


What the f**k!!!

@psumo: I never saw that FF9(?)Thingy till now…
I was a bit inspired by Tim Burton. By the way, I dont
like that Fantasything so much, but i would give it a try
to see whats coming out.

But when I get such comment/crit without respecting the brainstorming of an artist, I will quit this challenge…

And by the way,… I do not really see any ripping off that char psumo showed here.
Today, ya cant hardly do something new. But I never saw this little creture from FF9(?) befor.

And befor ya(psumo) do such comments… wait till the pic is finished. I hate people, who think they have the right to be harsh
without even nowing all the other works of an artist or whats coming out in the end.:thumbsdow

So, thanks for all the other comments and cya

Tommy Lee:annoyed:


Not that ya think i cant stand crits…

Here ya have my char and Vivi(?).


I think Viva (I also am not familiar) is more of a rip off Orco than yours off of Viva, IMO

Its the face and stature that give the dude originality, as for the clothes, they are time stylized I’d say

who knows… I like your style to it and I wouldn’t want to see you ditch it at all, the face is great and the other dude didn’t even have one, so…

keep it up

I wouldn’t doubt if there wasn’t an intentional familiarity with these characters, to me he is yoda-ish (the cane and walk)

and the clothes while similar in cut have totally different bindings and quality, so diff, time, diff style I say


OK … that’s a completly absurd comparison. You might as well say Tommy Lee’s character is a rip of Yoda because he’s short, has wrinkly skin and pointed ears.

Oh wait … if someone models a dino in the 3D challenge they’re obviously ripping off Jurrasic Park. I got twisted trees in my pic so I’m obviously ripping off everyone else in this challenge who has made a twisted tree. Give me one huge break!

Keep going with it Tommy Lee … someone here has been smokin’ enchanted shrubberies.


@Adam: Thanks for ya comment. And i also thought, when he was finished that he has a little yoda style…hehe.
But thats ok,… for me and I hope for “some” others, lol!

@Kirt: Thanks dude… I will go on with da challenge.
Nice to met ya in here.

So, f**k that damn discussion about “copyright” and lets go to work:bounce: …lol


Tommy Lee


I apoligize
didn’t think you’d take a stupid crit like that so hard

ya I guess vivi is a rip of that he-man character also
vivi has a staff, pointy hat, short posture, and glowing eyes
big lose clothes
everything your character has.

I’d say you were inspired by the same creature idea
but it turned up looking very much like vivi

anyways I didn’t think I was harsh
I didn’t say it looked bad or anything
It’s a nice drawing but not original


Hi Psumo!

Its allright!
So, thanks for ya new comment.:wink:


Tommy Lee

PS: By the way, great work ya have on the start.:applause:


peace :wink: I was jus’ thinkin out loud as I flipped between images, I type fast so it was kinda long:D

I’ve just seen rip accusations that send folks runnin’ for the hills, didn’t wanna see that happen

Well, Now we need to see an update!


Hey folks!

Gave this one up and started a totally new thread:wavey:

Tommy Lee