enable/disable IK


there is a way to get accses to the node operator that controls the enable/disable IK funcion in the ik chain obj?

… let say a want to add a CA to a shape to enable/disable an ik chain, and avoid, dig around, select the ik chain, then the motion panel to get FK rotations.

I ask here because its seems to be looked in a “system only” kind of way and I cant find anything in the script ref to get acceses to it.

cant anyone tell me if there is a way to to this… or maybe I am too lazy :P…


Fred Moreau has made a script that allows to put a shortcut in the quad…

maybe this is the way to go… it only work when to have selected the ik chain, I supouse that it can be modificated to work with any ik chain, not just the seleted one… but … if some veteran “scripter” has some advise please share…


here the script … ( Author: Fred Moreau )

ButtonText:“IK Solver On/Off Toggle”
Tooltip:“IK Solver On/Off Toggle”
On IsVisible Return (classof $ == IK_Chain_Object) – applies to IkSolvers only
on ischecked Do (if $.controller.enabled == 1.0 then true else false) – returns current state

On Execute Do
– change state
if $.controller.enabled == 1.0 then $.controller.enabled = -1.0 else $.controller.enabled = 1.0


$.controller.enabled=1 or = 0

This should get you what you are looking for. You will have to use this in a script controller or write it into the CA def as part of the event for the check button.


I figure out thank you…


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