Empire Total War Grenadier, Michael Kutsche (2D)


Title: Empire Total War Grenadier
Name: Michael Kutsche
Country: Germany
Software: Painter, Photoshop

GameStar cover-artwork for the SEGA/ Creative Assembly game “Empire: Total War”. Completely done in Photoshop and Painter. I got some reference for the costume by CA’s art department. Used myself as a reference for the pose and face (I did some poses with a hoovertube:) ). Comments and Crits are welcome!


What comments, it is amazing, nothing more left to say, AMAZING!


I totaly agree with Srulik here, A M A Z I N G !

Top notch. I wonder how long it will take this one to get plugged… any bets?




excellent work !

5 stars !


This is a awesome image, nice perspective, color, effect, expression…congratulations


thats a nice piece, colors and mood are excellent only the ear of the main character seems a bit off; it feels too small...but hey, whos looking at an ear when you have this wonderful sky in the background
I`m a big fan of your work, keep it up


Great work mate

very dynamic :slight_smile:


simple and efficient ! One of your best images to me.


Just…Wow! 5!



This is just brilliant. Everything from the color harmony, to the details are very well done. Great, dynamic image. Congrats!


The fine,is especially the texture very true.Great work!




take care,



Yes, 5 stars! But I do think I see an inaccuracy…if you have ever watched a flintlock musket go off, there is a small burst of powder and smoke that ignites in the pan, then a split second later, the larger charge erupts from the front of the barrel. Both produce a great amount of smoke. But I do realize that this would obscure the face of the shooter. So I guess in this case it is a matter of license on the part of the artist so as to show the facial features…but still a most excellent image!


Hammer, einfach Hammer. Diskrepanzen hin oder her, es soll geil aussehen, und das tut es. :wink: Super Arbeit!

Schönen Gruß in die Hauptstadt


awsome work !!!


Oh man wie krass ist das denn…

hammer arbeit…



A W E S O M E!!! I absolutely LOVE that one! Oh - words fail me… he reminds me of Val Kilmer :scream:


amazing piece…
great color and textrue work…:thumbsup:


Wow… awesome job. And such a great project too! (do you play the total war series at all?) I saw it on the cover here http://www.creative-assembly.co.uk/products.html
It looks great! I can’t imagine my work being on the cover of something like that that will be seen by so many people! Though I guess you have a couple of things like that now:P


man this is awesome!i like the smokes,very well painted and fit just nice to the overal composition:)