Emmanuel Shiu-Intro


My name is Emmanuel Shiu and I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years. Sounds exhausting! I’ve been lucky enough to be working on some of my favorite films with some of my favorite people. In order to keep myself in tip top shape though, I’m taking some personal time to work on my own IP and personal art. It’s been too long and I ain’t getting any younger! Keep an eye out for it! I’ll also have more time to spend on my streams. I feel strongly about helping others so I do a monthly stream talking about the ins and outs of the industry.

My work can also be seen at www.eshiu.com

Have a great day!



How’s it Emmanuel! It’s great to see you here on CGS. Working for over 15 years does sound exhausting, but it must be rewarding to live and breathe art. I’m looking forward to seeing more personal art and your own IP! Thanks again for sharing your experience and guidance with our art community.

Have good one man!


Thanks for posting!


The one and only. :smile: glad to have you here.


Hey There Emmaunuel :slight_smile:


you too!


hey there!


Hey Emmanuel,

Great to have you here. Your 15 years of experience has definitely payed off, I really enjoy your pieces. I especially enjoy your dystonia type pieces.

Ooooo, I’m really interested in IP building, would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Where can we catch your monthly stream?


Em in the house!!!


You can find it on Kitbash3d youtube page


Might take some digging. I’m also goign to make a playlist on my youtube channel. Will post when I have it!


Awesome to find you and your work here! I have been in this community for years but only now I got the link to your portfolio here.
Looking forward to your personal projects and thanks for the advice you share about the industry :slight_smile:


anytime :slight_smile: and good luck!


Hello ! : )


what is up Emmanuel, ive been wanting to connect with you dude. stunning work


thank you!


Hi Emmanuel !

nice to meet you! you have beautiful work :slight_smile:


thank you!