Emit Particles from 3D Procedural?


How would I go about this in Maya 6.5 or 7?

I need to emit particles based on a procedural 3D texture, animated or not.
Texture Emission Attributes seem to only work along a surface but not in 3D…



The 3d textures won’t evalute with particle emission, however if you want the 3d textures applied along a surface of emission you can convert the 3d texture to a file texture for a given surface.

Otherwise I think someone posted a particle expression script on highend3d.com that allows one to apply 3d textures to particles, although I can’t remember what it was called. In a particle creation expression one can do setAttr on the refPointCamera of the texture using the particle position followed by a getAttr on the texture outColor or outAlpha, then kill the particle based on the texture by making its lifespanPP -1.



Thanks Duncan, ill look into it! :smiley:


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