emergency, Yichuan Li (2D)


Title: emergency
Name: Yichuan Li
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

She is a pilot of combat aircraft, and now she is in a mothership. The mothership was landing on the planet HT-3201, suddenly,something emergency happened! The female pilot decided to sorlve the problem, didn’t care the warning: return to your seat.
the blue planet above is rich in some kinds of super energy sources,and the big blue symbol on the blue plant,is the mine field.


Great colors! Well done!


Awesome! Rendering! Cheers!


Incredible rendering, her face is just amazing!


Thanks for your replies! These will encourage me to paint more and more!:love:


Good job!Keep up the good work.cheer:applause:


Good image, really nice details and texturing…I love the expression!


Wow! I agree with all of the positive comments that others provided. Stunning.


fantastic work, colors, rendering:bowdown: congratulations my friend!



Great rendering, good work :thumbsup:


great work!!keep on posting much more great works!and I 'm R.D…lol…


Awesome work really, almost forgot to put this up :). The back of the head/hair appears a bit strange but meh nitpicking.




nice! at first i thought it was 3D.


Love her face.Beautiful colors. :bowdown:


Great work, the rendering is awesome! :beer:


congrats on front page!



beautiful work :slight_smile:




I almost never comment on 2D works, but I couldn’t even stop myself with this piece. Everything is so bright, contrasting, rich, and vibrant. Love it.


great work, really cool