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Sorry folks, but I can’t seem to get my email back to the way it was and I accidentally deleted a bunch of emails, sooo, if anyone has emailed me, please resend.
I can’t fix my email till tomorrow or Monday, so for now I’ll just have to fake my way through.
Anyway, I’m in the middle of getting my new system all up and running, and so far everything has been ok, except for this email BS that is screwing me up.

Oh, and I’ll try some render times tests tonight, just cuz I can’t wait, even though I still have loads of programs to install.

…md :slight_smile:


An update.

Just to let anyone who has sent me an email, I want them to know I can’t reply yet, cuz something is screwy with my new system and it WON’T let me send OR recieve ANY emails!
And to Dig, I got your email, but I’ll reply better when I get this nonsense working.
Also, you’re right.
This will be my LAST system I buld myself.
For 60 bucks more, I could of had the people at the computer joint build it all for me.
As it is, I’m thinking of taking it down there tomorrow and asking them what they think and if they can get this flriggin thing to run correctly.
It’s all this new SATA crap that’s screwing with me, as I’ve never built one of these with nothing BUT SATA drives in it.
Everytime I add the second drive, then the main C drive (SATA) gets ruined and I have to keep starting ALLLLLL over again and right now, my (quote) fun!, is long past being fun!

These damm manuals don’t tell you squat either, so you don’t know what you’re supposed to do or what?!

Everything works pefectly, UNTIL I start to add programs and stuff.
beginning to think that the supposed idea that a 64 bit will run with the regular XP and not the 64bit version, is a load?
At least, that’s how it’s been for me so far.
And NOW I’m getting LSD trip-out patterns on the screen from time to time when I move a panel or window around.
Also, NO INSTRUCTIONS for any of that stuff either.
I’ve been at this for days now staying up every night till all hours of the night and still getting nowhere.
And calling my internet provider doesn’t do any good, sheeesh!, I’ve been doing I-net tech support for 14 years and I can’t for the life of me figure this BS out.
And asking them or Cox Cable is like a waste of time, since it seems I know more then they do, so they’re basically useless.

Anyway, loads more to bitch about, but I’ll spare all of you the rest of the FUN details I’ve been going through.

All I wanted was a nice kick-ass system.
That didn’t seem like too much to ask for?

Oh well, wish me luck, I’m stubburn and will figure this out some way or another.

…md :slight_smile:



I was wondering about the email, especially since I know you don’t ignore anything directed to your attention.

I feel your pain, Mark (such an old line, but I always liked it). :scream: I do admire you for still trying to build your own. Don’t worry, you won’t lose my respect for giving up. I gave up build my owns a long time ago, so you sure outlasted me.:applause:

Good luck to ya!


Hmmmm, my reply was lost… but now it’s there?


Still can’t do email, but I’m very slowly moving along with this installing HDs and Apps.

I just bought me the last of the HDs that I will need for this setup.
C drive for apps.
D drive for storage and games.
And the current drive, that I just installed and was even able to format it,
but when I rebooted, then NONE of the drives worked, which is no supprise to me anymore, that’s what happens with every single thing I do, so I don’t even expect anything to work the first time around and if for some reason it does!, then I do several reboots, as I can’t beleave my eyes when THAT happens LOL
Anyway, decided to take a breather for a second and check in on the net, even though I still can’t email yet, I can at least read them and post in newsgroups, for some reason.
Idiot Cox Cable people and ISP people, are clueless.
Sorry to anyone who works at these places, but you all are clueless.
I can make better suggestions then they have been giving me, sheesh!
I finally dragged (forced) a tidbit of info from the Cox guy, when I said, well what would you tell someone who used YOUR guy’s email, and he said that he wasn’t sure, but maybe he’d check the Firewall. Duh!
I already have thought of that one, but I just wanted to hear him say it!
Anyway, right now I gotta get back to trying to get the third drive to work.
It’ll be the video capture drive.
I really have to say, that this has started to REALLY remind me of the old days of working with WIN NT 4.0 when you had to really make sure you install ONLY one item at a time.
Very slow proccess doing it like that. That and MAKING SURE that you connect them in an order that this thing will like and get along with.
Ha! What a laugh LOL Ooooohhhhh… that was too funny… LOL
Like this thing would just get along with itself, hahahahahahaha that’s a good one :slight_smile:
Don’t worry folks, I’m still smiling, just venting a bit here :slight_smile:

Well, back to it and then back to deleting all my firewalls and I’ll hope I don’t get a virus while I test?

…md :slight_smile:



Told you I was a stubburn bitch! LOL
AND!, I got all three drives running.
Now, not trusting this thing, for good reason, I still have to add Norton System Works 2005
Premier and loads of other programs, so I’ll beleave it’s all OK when I am done and see it LOL
But, I finally tried my email and THIS TIME it asked me for my PW and ID,
which it never would before when I knew that it should be.

Let me do a few reboots and then install NSW2005 and see if life is still good after that?
If it is, then you’ll be getting an email reply from me soon :slight_smile:

Ahhh, I’m glad I have stick-to-it-ness… well, sometimes LOL
Or more commonly called, being stubburn :slight_smile:

BTW, this system runs so cold I’m not even going to bother with a liquid cooling system.
Can’t beleave how cool it runs, plus how little resourses I’ve been using so far
when I try a test render, which aren’t up there yet, but later will be.
See, the RAM is set to AUTO in the BIOS, which it seems to like 333 instead of 400,
which 400 is what the RAM is!, but I need to read up on how to set things like that.
I’ll do those things when I’m sure the system runs steady and constant.
Also will need to tune up the graphics card and CPU and other things, all later.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know, Dig, that things are finally back on track.
Sheesh LOL
…md :slight_smile:



Didn’t know SATA drives were so problematic or is it the motherboard? I remember an add-on card used to add extra drives to a PC a few years back that caused a friend of mine hours of grief. He doesn’t use it anymore since it won’t work with XP…boy am I glad!

I had some problems when I first installed Windows XP and those sound like some of your probs. Everything went fine after I re-formatted (a complete format) of my hard-drive, reinstalled Windows XP Pro and then installed the SP2 update file that I downloaded as one big one after reading an article in MaximumPC saying that was the more problem free approach instead of letting Microsoft update it for you over the web in fits and spurts. I imagine you have a new version of Windows XP with SP2 already, though, so you don’t have to worry about the web-update issues.

Post some specs with brand names when you get it working. TIA.



Good to hear you’re making progress, Mark. :thumbsup:


Well, now that I’ve been through hell and back and back and forth from hell a few more times now, I can say, I think I’ve resolved all my issues (yeah, issues, right, problems or headaches is more like it) but anyway, now I think that most if not all of the hardware problems were really caused by me not knowing didly squat about what settings to use in the BIOS?

Cuz now I bet I could build this same system again in just a couple of hours and have it all up and running.

As for the email problems, it’s what I figured, it had something to do with the Firewall, but I could never find where the problem was, until I noticed that there was a program inbstalled by the MoBo software that was called a Manager of some sort and THAT thing was conflicting with the other Firewalls like XP and Norton.
I deleted that program and suddenly everything else worked!

Then!, I decided to tackle the issue of the RAM not running at the correct speed.
it was set to 333 in the AUTO setting in the BIOS.
So, I set it to use 400 like it’s supposed to be using and then (keyword here) “tried” to adjust the speed/timing settings for that from within Xp with the ASUS program called NV-Tune (or something like that?) and then when I went to reboot it wouldn’t anymore and only gave me emssages about memory not set right or not there.
And of course, I couldn’t get back into the BIOS at this point anymore.
Slepted the rest of the day away got up and thought about it for a bit and tried to find something in that crappy ASUS manual when I realised I could just yank out the battery and that would reset things back to default.
Did that and then reset things back to the way I had them and now I’m here typing this message and life is back to (so called) normal :slight_smile: LOL

And there you have the life and times of Mark Dunakin trying to build his first completely SATA running system.
Oh joy! LOL

…md :slight_smile:



You must be using some fancy new ASUS board. I would hate to hear their quality has dropped. The easiest PC I ever put together was this one I’m using right now with a rock solid ASUS A7V8X-X. I just hooked everything up and had no problems until after I installed Windows and that was all trouble caused by the piece-meal web updater. It’s just too bad that AMD quit developing chips that would work in this motherboard. I think the XP 3000 is the last it can take due to the old 333 bus speed. I liked it so much that I bought two more a few months back for my renderfarm (I got 'em on discount for around $60). Just need more money for one more OS, another CPU and some RAM to get it working like I want so I can take a couple of my older slower puters off line (car repairs are first, though…winter’s coming soon).



Well, everything worked perfectly BEFORE I started adding more drives to it.

THATS when all the problems started.
But, I now know that a lot of that was due to the BIOS settings.
And in fact, I suspect ALLL of my problems are related to the BIOS.

In either case though, right now I’m on the verge, and I mean seriously too, on the verge
of shelving this thing and going back to my rock solid old computer and just leaving this one
in the closet untill the rest of the world gets caught up with 64bit, then I can install
the XP64 and hopefully by then people will all have drivers for that OS?

I keep having nothing but hassles with this thing!
(my head and neck and back are KILLING ME!)

I had to go back to running my RAM at the slower speed of 333 (AUTO), instead of the
speed the RAM is set to run at, which is 400 because I have no clue how to set those sorts of things?
And I’ve been told that the RAM works on the CPU clock speed or something like that,
but again, I have no clue what that really even means or how to set things so they all work
together and I sure as hell don’t want to go through tearing into this thing ONE MORE TIME,
just to pull a battery out to reset things or something.

And what’s with the video card flashing whenever I go into the Display panel Options?
The screen goes black and then turns back on!
Never heard of such BS like that before?! And yes, I just updated the drivers last
night to the most recent and I still get weird things with this vid card.
And am I really supposed to have the card connected to a power supply or what?
They don’t say anything about it in the manuals, yet the pictures show it being connected.
And when I reboot the system or just shut it off, sometimes it gives me a blue screen
of death with the message about the windows XP logon thingy isn’t working.
(Hey!, XP, I’m NOT loging ON, I’m logging OFF!)
So it just sits there doing nothing until I manually turn off the power!
Which means of course, that I can’t just walk away and know that it’ll all shut off.
I have to stand here and WATCH it all and MAKE SURE that it really shuts off.
And periodically, it beeps a warning, but no clue what it’s trying to tell me?
I suppose I could turn off the warning monitoring thingy, but that seems kinda pointless?

So, you all can trust me on this one, later today I’ll be back to my good old slow machine,
you know, the one that WORKS!
Then some age when I get more money
(since I’ve already spent nearly or more then 2 grand for this thing)
I’ll go ahead and PAY someone else to fix this crap for me.
No one deserves this much crap from a system!

And I want my old keyboard back too!
Why can’t they just make keyboards like they used to?, you know, nice and simple?
Noooo… they have to add all sorts of stupid extra buttons that just clutter things up and get in my way.
I don’t need no dumb power on and off buttons right on the keyboard for Pete’s sake!
They got a Delete key right next to my Enter key and I keep accidentally hitting the
stupid Delete key which seems to delete everything you just typed or some other
screwy random thing it feels like doing, since you don’t for sure know what you hit?
I just want a NORMAL keyboard!, but I’m assuming there is no such thing anymore these days?

Ummm, anyway, just venting :slight_smile:
Wished I could find some actual instructions on how to set up your settings and such?
And I mean, instructions that NORMAL people can read, not super complicated BS that
no one can understand about strange things with strange sounding technical words.
The manuals that come with the vid card and the MoBo only tell you what things are,
but fail to mention how to use them OR set them and all that.

Maybe I can post this up for MadMax to read and see if he has any suggestions?
Since this is the system he recommended and it IS an awesome system, it just needs to work :slight_smile:

My Vue render times are cut completely in half!
How can you beat that!?
And that’s ith it not even coming CLOSE to using up my resources, like it does on the other system.
So I truely DO want this to work.
And if and when it does work “properly”, I’ll go back to using my good old corroded,
keys-sticking KeyTronics keyboard. At least it’s made for a MAN and not some little kid,
like this new keyboard feels like LOL Do they think everyone has pin fingures?
Just one of my fingures will almost always hit more then one key on this thing LOL

Anyway, I got a headache…for some reason, jeeze, I can’t imagine what from?

…md :slight_smile:



BTW, this is my system that I bought:
Though my case is slightly different then what it shown, as I couldn’t find the exact case that I actually bought.
I didn’t buy the case from NewEgg, as most cases from them come damaged in shipping and
I didn’t feel like rolling the dice on that deal again, since it happened to me in the past on
my current computer I’ve been using. Took two weeks to get it replaced.
Buying a case from the store, I can open it right there and make sure that it’s not damaged.

Oh, and of course, that price is not counting the fact that I bought another drive plus
I had to buy XP Pro for it, which all of that put the thing over the 2 grand price pretty good.

But, everything else in that list is what my new awesome system is built from :slight_smile:
Looks all great!, if I can just get it to work all great, I’ll be a very happy camper! :slight_smile:

…md :slight_smile:



Okay, sorry for the delay I had to read through all of this before responding. To some others that have responded, there isn’t a problem with Asus quality, I suspect this is largely operator error and will likely be easy to fix.

Mark. Lets start with some basics…

1 Power. Lets make sure you set this up correctly. There are 3 differnt power connectors that MUST be plugged in on this for your system to work correctly.

A. 24 pin main power connector.

B. 4 pin power connector, this is on the upper left of the board just above and to the left of the CPU.

C. there is a 6 pin power connector on your video card that must be plugged in.

If you missed any of those, you’ll have problems.

  1. OS. Either 32 bit XP or 64 bit XP work just fine. I’m running the XP64 with no issues at all.

Just curious, who did you buy this from? did you take my suggetion and get it from Monarch?

Next, lets go in and switch your bios settings back to default. We want to make sure that there are no problems from you tinkering around and changing something that should not have been changed. After we make sure you have no other issues, we’ll see about getting you running at optimum.


You went with maxtor drives??? You are soooooooo going to wish you hadn’t…


Also, I would suggest going to, nd downloading the nForce4 Forceware drivers (they will be newer than what is on the disc) and the latest video drivers for either 32 or 64 bit, which ever was your intent to install.


First, thanx tons, and yeah, I meant to let people know that ASUS has always been
great to me and that’s why I wanted to go with them this time around as well
and you said the same thing.
And as you can see from that link I posted here, I bought all the items you suggested :slight_smile:
They are all way too awesome too!

Mark. Lets start with some basics…

1 Power. Lets make sure you set this up correctly. There are 3 differnt power connectors that MUST be plugged in on this for your system to work correctly.

A. 24 pin main power connector.

B. 4 pin power connector, this is on the upper left of the board just above and to the left of the CPU.

C. there is a 6 pin power connector on your video card that must be plugged in.

If you missed any of those, you’ll have problems.

OK, all of these have been connected.
The ONLY one that worried me was the Video card (Display Card) because they NEVER say
to connect that power connector up in either of the manuals, but I did anyway,
just because it made sense and I remember reading about it somewhere, but NOT in the manuals.

  1. OS. Either 32 bit XP or 64 bit XP work just fine. I’m running the XP64 with no issues at all.

I bought the 32bit version of XP for now, but will be changing to the 64bit version later on,
probably sometime in the first part of next year, but I just wanted to mplay it safe for now.

Just curious, who did you buy this from? did you take my suggetion and get it from Monarch?

I split where I bought these items from.
Where I was able to get a better deal from NewEgg, I bought those, like you
already know about the Rebates and such, so those I went there with.
The other items I got from Monarch, which I now totally love them and will order
from them in the future just like I like NewEgg who is also very good.
And both have good pricing as well as being reliable.
The case I bought at my local store and one more HD I bought there also, only because
I didn’t want to wait, and also, for some reason (they didn’t even know why?)
they had a better price then either NewEgg OR Monarch!
Go figure? :slight_smile:

As for resetting the BIOS, let me get more to the point of where I was having the problems at.
And I think that resetting it completely may render me unable to boot up again,
so I’ll wait to hear from you before I do, but I found out that my troubles with the HDs
were caused from (at least it looked like this was the problem, since when I dissabled them, things worked)
was the setting for SATA Ports 1 and 2 and the setting right under that was the problemactic one.
It had to be set to dissabled or my drives wouldn’t work.
The same was for SATA Ports 2 and 3 with the same thing right under those.
Wished I could think of the name of it, but I can’t.

If you need me to take some fotos of the sceens I will?

Ok, I just found the part I’m refering to.
It reads Under the Advance Tab/IDE Function Setup
Serial Port 1,2
SATA DMA transfer
and it’s that second thing that was causing my HD problems.
At least it seemed that way to me.
Cuz when I dissabled that, then they worked.

Anyway, I’ll wait till you tell me what to do.
Maybe I should hook up the other computer to do this internet stuff with and that way
I can work on the other while I wait, though I don’t have any place to put it at this time.

anyway, thanx…md :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with Maxtor drives?

I’ve been using them for ages and they’ve always worked just fine for me.
I used to use that other one that everyone claimed was sooo hot and it always sucked and broke down, Western Digital is the one I’m thinking of, along with those Cheetas and Seagates, I’ve been through those too and some would work while other totally sucked. It was always a crap shoot.
Ever since I went with Maxtor, I’ve never had anymore problems.
At least none that I know of, like breakdowns and wear and tear, like slowly getting louder and louder and such.
but hey, if you have better suggestions, I can always upgrade later?
These should be fine for now.
Not spending ANY MORE money for a while.
I’m totally spent out LOL

And I can always put these drives (if they really aren’t any good?) into my other systems when I get those all on line and connected for my render farm.

Anyway, sorry you don’t approve of my HD choice, too late for me now though.
I’ll check (again) at the nVidia site and see if I can find the proper drivers and such.
I think Ive already been there several times and never know which to download.
I’ll go and check again right now.
thanx…md :slight_smile:

I’m downloading this right now:
Hope it’s the right thing to download?
Oh, and I installed the latest Video drivers yesterday.

OK, I got both installed now.
So, I’m up to date with the drivers.



yes, thoe are the current Forceware drivers.

Odd that you would have to disable DMA to get them to work. Very odd.

Maxtor… Check the hardwre forums here. Maxtor have proven to degrade rapidly, overheat and get louder and louder. Not very many positive remarks nd a lot of horror stories.

In order of most commonly recommended drive, Hitachi, Seagte then Western Digital.

Back to memory. Did you verify when you put it together you got the right ram? It has silver heat plates over it right?

Auto setting in the BIOS should auto detect the ram correctly. Can you just give me down the line of what is below Auto and 333? Don;t worry about addign the "T"s after the numbers, I know what they are. Just give me a list down the line of the entries.


Hmmm, well, thanx for the info on the HDs.

I’ve so far had absolutely no problems with them for a few years now.
But, it’s good to know what’s what?
My western Digitals did all those things you said.
And way back when, a few years ago, I had to keep sending back my Seagate
drives so I swore those peices of junk off.
Maybe they’ve changed? I used to be a Seagate geek thinking they were the best.
I was wrong back then, cuz they sucked big time.
Then I got into using nothing but Western Ds and thought they were the greatest thing.
Turned out I was wrong with those later on too, as they did all that over heating and getting louder.
And again, these were several years back, like very late `90s or there abouts.
Maybe first part of 2000 or 2001?
Now, I’ve never tried the Hatachi drives, so I can’t give an opinion on them.
I was just going by my own “past” experiences and if things have changed, then that’s a good thing :slight_smile:
Things can and do change, os it’s very possible that what was good and then went bad,
may now very well be good again?
Remember those Quadro’s? Supposedly the greatest things on earth. ha!
They ended up in the junk bin.

Anyway, let me check out the BIOS and get back to you when I reboot.
Oh, and like I say, I bought EXACTLY the items you told me to get.
So, yes, the RAM is the exact RAM you told me to get and the same for the display card and MoBo.
I bought that RAM that you showed me that you get two sticks in one package and it
is chrome and says OCZ on it and you can check for yourself from that link I posted up.
All those things on that list are the exact things I ordered.
Whether or not I got them from NewEgg or from Monarch didn’t matter,
it was who I got a better deal from, like Monarch didn’t charge me tax,
but some items NewEgg doesn’t charge shipping.
So I just went with the best deal I could find, but the products were
the exact same where ever I ended up purchasing them from. :slight_smile:

Let me go and write down all those numbers and I’ll be back.
…md :slight_smile:


OK, here’s the screen shots from my BIOS.
You can email me direct if it’s better for you?
Or not?
Which ever :slight_smile:

Hope this upload thingy works?

Thanx…md :slight_smile: