Elvis Deane - Animation Session 10 - Dialogue 2



I used a Stikfa to do my rough posed animatic, because he was in arms distance and I was too lazy to sketch and scan.

And here’s what my Ash model looks like, though he looks a bit different now that he’s in XSI



And here is my rough draft:


Nice start! You’re setting yourself up for some nicely paced stuff. Only thing to say at this point is the move to the coughing part is pretty fast. If you keep it, just make sure you have Alot of follow-through-settle after the move.



ElvisD in the house!! :slight_smile: Nice work…I think the cough is coming in a little to quickly…and there’s really no anticipation into it…I’m struggling with that myself…it’s difficult to get a convincing cough to look right…great job though man…keep it up:)


Thanks for the comments guys! I’ve done quite a bit since, but now my rig is all messed up and I can’t set any new rotational keys on the spine. Hopefully I can figure out why it isn’t working before the session ends.


can’t set keys on the spine anymore? Explain more about the problem, maybe we all can help.


Man…I hate when that happens.

Maybe the connections are accidentally broken? I don’t know how you work, but
the only time when this kind of thing happens to me is when I’m refencing the character
into my scene, but it has existing keys set on the rig that I’m trying to animate.
What I would do then is open the actual rig file and find and delete those keys.
Then everything is fine afterwards.

I do hope you get this problem resolved and get back to the animatin’.


It looks like my spine control got disconnected from where it was supposed to be in the hierarchy, which must have caused all this. I saved out the animation as a .eani clip from my broken scene in hopes that I could apply it to my non-screwed up character scene, brought it into my animation mixer, but now I have no idea how to plot/bake the animation from the mixer to my rig so that I can continue to tweak it. I guess I’ll try to post at XSIbase again and hope someone actually reads my post this time.

Oh how I hate learning new software…


I figured out how to salvage everything, and I can keyframe again! So I’ve lost a week of time, but hopefully I can still make my blendshapes, fix the performance, and tweak, tweak, tweak.

Here’s a much more dramatic sneeze. I think I’ll try to keep him bent over until he starts saying “Okay then”


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