Elven Couture



I am new to forums and this is my 1st official posting, I working on piece of a character/costume design and want to make it look more painterly. Sorry, just figured out how to post an image

I have a ton of brushes but wondered if someone could recommend a set that has a nice buttery painterly feel. Think Ross Tran in style. Just want to boost this up a bit to make it portfolio worthy. Any advice/ctritiques would be most appreciated. Thanks!



Hey there Jonathan, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

That design looks pretty neat!, although I don’t have any brushes to recommend as I don’t do digital painting :cry:

Hopefully Lunatique will help you out, he’s an amazing artist, and he’s mostly around the 2D sections :thumbsup:

To post images you have to right click the desired image and choose “Copy Image Location”, then when making a post just click on this icon and paste the link there :slight_smile:


It’s great to be here, thanks for the welcome and glad you liked the pic. I just recently dove into digital painting and have been living and breathing Gumroad tutorials to get a portfolio together. Along with tutorials I managed to get quite a few amazing brush set, I guess it’s really just putting in the time to sort them all and find my favorites. I wil have ot say hello to Lunatique. Thanks again!



Really nice!, it seems you’re going to have a nice portfolio :arteest:

Off topic question, do you know any good Gumroad tutorials for completely starters into this?, I would love to at least be able to design my own concepts for 3D modeling :slight_smile:


Nice work! Really love the texture.



I do know of any particular tutorials for 3D on Gumroad, but there’s an awesome site called CTL+Paint and they have a 3D scetion. here’s the link:

Intro to Google Sketchup

Which is cool because the tute and the software are free. Hope that helps! Thanks for the encouraging words as well.


Thanks for writing, man, I appreciate it!


Thanks for the link! :slight_smile: but I actually didn’t meant that, I meant to ask if you know any good Gumroad tutorials for total beginners into digital painting :arteest:

By the way, did you find the brushes you were looking for?, you should show us more of your artwork :bounce:


CTL+Paint has a ton of great foundation work on it, you should definitely explore that site.

On Gumroad, I recommend this STUFF

Yeah, I think so, I just found a nice set of brushes and started a John Singer Sargent study. Seems like everybody love Sargent. (I do, too) Take care and will post again as soon as I can.



Hi Jonathan M Wilson

Your artwork has been selected for Weekend Feedback.

Please check out the link below:

Weekend Feedback



I was just checking my email and noticed an update. What a surprise, thank you for selecting me and for Jeremy taking the time to review my work and give such a detailed review. You guys rock!


If the goal is to make it look more painterly, then you need to allow the brushwork to be more obvious. What you have now looks interesting, but it has a distinct collage of textures look, and all the sharp edges looks very digital instead of organic.

What you should try, is to allow your brushstrokes to remain visible instead of making everything so clean. Allow the bristle marks and brush textures to remain. Don’t blend and smooth everything so much that all sense of spontaneity and expressiveness are gone.

Look at master painters like John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Richard Schmid, Pino Daeni, Craig Mullins, Jaime Jones, Zhaoming Wu, Daniel Gerhartz, Susan Lyon, etc., and do some master copies of their paintings to learn how they approach their brushwork. Analyze how the direction, thickness, and sharpness of the brushstrokes coincide with the turning of the forms and shifting of values. Look at how they use brushwork to create the illusion of textures and surface properties. Study how they simplify forms and use selective detailing to make focal points more interesting and supporting areas less competitive with the focal points.