Elton John Farewell Tour Virtual Reality Project, Kris Kelly (3D)


Title: Elton John Farewell Tour Virtual Reality Project

Name: Kris Kelly

For the Legendary artist Elton John, the musician wanted craft a VR experience recreating some of the most iconic moments of Elton John’s early career. My contribution to this project was creating the a high resolution digital double of young Elton John from the earliest days of his career. Working only from a present day scan of the artist himself, I had to use photo albums and images from the internet of performances from the 70s to rebuild, texture, and shade his face to a photo-realistic quality.



This video is amazing. I’m going to share it to social media. Do you have any stories or insight on making this model or being a part of this production that I can share as well?


Thanks a lot, I definitely plan on sharing more, plus I’ll answer any questions as the come along.