elf sword


hope you like it!
and wire


The blade is cool.
I like the handle less but overall great.


my first reply on my thread, and a quick one too… thanks man!
yeah you are right -the handle needs a lot more work! But for now it is finished, I hope that in near future I will create an elf that holds this sword [with a cooler handle of course]!


I agree I like the everything but the handle, it doesn’t really seem like a handle I would want to grip. But other than that. Awesome job.


Great overlay design love the little (looks like an owl) face. Also don’t really know what to call it but the part where the blade weaves into the blade looks very nice as well. Handle would need very minor ajustments to make it perfect. Would probably not even notice it though if it were being held. Great work overall.


Id like to add compliment to the light intensity, it works wonders with the light colours of the blade. Nicely done.


Latvia?!?! Riga?!?!

I’m latvian! Sveiki ka klajas! How strange it is to find another latvian on the forums! I always get so excited.

Great sword, and lai tev butu laba diena! =P


nu sveiki, sveiki! paskaties kaa citi latvieshi njemaas ar 3d @ http://cg.image.lv


Hi -
Beautiful detail.
One problem. Too thick. It looks like someone put a great silver overlay on an air-filled childs plastic sword.
Even though this is fantasy, I love to make things as realistic and believable as possible. If that were made of metal, you woudn’t be able to lift it to defend yourself.
Sorry to sound so negative. It does LOOK great.


I like the blade too but it reminds me of a Power Ranger sword rather than an Elvish sword. Good work though.


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