Elf Girl, Sebastian Schoellhammer (3D)


Title: Elf Girl
Name: Sebastian Schoellhammer
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, ZBrush

Another year, another elf!!

Without deadlines i just cant get anything done so I decided to do try to get into the exotique book and at the same time finsih off a really old character!

I used mainly xsi for the modelling (or rather sculpting), for the building i still use 3dsmax. I did some very few details in zbrush, mainly mouth and eyes. All the shading and texturing i did in max/photoshop and rendering in mentalray.

The hair is ornatrix - the REAL reason was to play around with this great plugin. Sculpting is a hell lot of fun but the rendering is painful! Finally i can appreciate our poor hairartists work properly… ;). I tried all the shaders and mentalray approach and ended up using the expensive one. Im not totally satisfied with the result there but looking forward to investigate more!

Anyway! Its not perfect but im pretty very tired right now! :slight_smile:

Hope you like,


Lots of thanks also to mr subdivme, Allessandro Bonora and MArtin K for invaluable help!


Amazing work … man :thumbsup:
I love the hair …


excellent on my behalf!


very nice piece very good light and the texture:bounce: keep it up 5stars


perfect!!! another 5**** from me!:thumbsup:


Great work man, i loved the anatomy of her face, her hair is great too and the shader :thumbsup: . Excellent work :slight_smile: 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

PS: I forgot… the feathers ! wow !!! Great ! How you did u make them?


Wow she is just wonderfull!
Lotof charactere, think i know the human version of that girl.
Deep eyes!
Hairs don’t bug me that much…

Thanks for sharing, and congrats for this splendid image.

(that also 5 stars work for me)

o, so do I, feathers are just photoshop map? great detail)


WOW! excellent! she really have strong presence, good work!


Hey dude,this rocks!!

…Dont eat to much pizza!!:wink:


incredible work ! :thumbsup: :eek:


too bad that you removed the flower you had in her before. it added that little bit of brightness into the image. it was nice i thought.

anyway. great stuff :D. plugged. :smiley:

now off to the races :wink:


Great work on the skin. Congrats. :slight_smile:


I love the hair …
hair is max the hair and fur ?


Amazing stuff…:scream:


Really great work, love the head style
Shoulders and neck shapes slightly bother me.
Anyway great work :thumbsup:


She looks likes shes got her head on backwards! Whats happened?

Great work thou.


ohh…wwwoooowwwww…this is realy beautifull…the skin shader and the whole composition,pose,model is perfect…lighting is great and nothing more to say,i just couldnt NOT POSTING…
the hair is great But i think you could work more on hairs on he shoulder more ot keep it as great as the top parts,although its perfect by what it is now…Good luck:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


No perfect?? ma porrrrca…
u roking man!!:thumbsup:



Amazing work! Definitely has a lot of presence…it’s almost eerie. :slight_smile:

Great work! :slight_smile:




Excellent work, and unique elf design :thumbsup: