Elf, Bao Junsheng (3D)


Title: Elf
Name: Bao Junsheng
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop

this work’s idea from World of Warcraft.
All object are modeled as polygon.
I used mayasoftware as renderer.


wow,looks awesome.
great mood, nice vegetations and stuff.
great work congratulations.


Fantastic image!

Great work on Elf, trees are quiet simply, but good too.
This image has perfect atmosphere. :thumbsup:


very nice atmosphere! i like the jungle very much! love the lighting! makes it looks and feel very humid and tropial, as it shld b. the light on the character is also giving the best effect
on the other hand, i think the lady in the tree cld b improved to merge better with the decor, and especially the trea: there is or does not seem to b any weight on her feet, and her hands r not grabing the tronk enough… or seems to b… maybe she is not flexed enough, too stiff? or u cld increase muscle definition in her right tigh?
a little tweekinng needed but overall an excellent image 2 me!


thanks a lot for your suggestions to the point, which could help me to improve my next works.


awesome work. boy!:scream:
I like elf in the night,like angel of darkness~~~:)
keep going on~:D


atmosphere looks good, and lighting too! wanna see the high reslution one


Nice but Night Elves dont have pupils, and i think a more stealthier or agile pose would be better.


nice image, i like it. :slight_smile:


it’s looking good~ nice work man~


realy fantastic!!!
I can’t help my appreciation of it!!
I’m proud of you, Chinese man, and hoping for your next works!!!


She looks kinda stiff, perhaps make her toes curl around the tree limb as if she was actually standing on it, perhaps the same sorta thing with the hands


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