Elf, Amenov Vitaliy (2D)


Title: Elf
Name: Amenov Vitaliy
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

This is my concept of The Elf. I spent a lot of time to create this character. All done in photoshop. I hope you will like it! C&C are welcome! Cheers!


Privet, Amenov Vitaliy! Beautiful illustration Love the pose. The Colours, light and style are great also. Nice work. :buttrock:


yes, the pose is very expressive, I really like that! Comp is Great…well done!!


this looks great… I like the anatomy and the expressive gesture… you nailed it… the only thing that is lacking is the lighting part… it is coming off as a bit flat… I mean one can say that you were going with a certain comic-like stylization there… but the anatomy and the colors are so nice that I would have definitely had better lighting in it to take it to the next level…
good work over all
seems like all those hours in PS really paid off for you…



Beautiful arrangement and colours.
I think, the body proportions are well made, only it needs just be more plastic.


rambo elf is awesome



many thanx!!

imageen - )) o yessss ))))


nice work.wonderful colours. i like it very much.my compliments to you. from Ravi shanker India


Great work! the style and colors are fantastic :thumbsup:


Ravishanker -
thank you for your comments

Nekranea -
many thanx )


Really nice, great posture and colors. The crit I have, and only because I wasn’t understanding where he was supposed to be looking, is his confusing line of sight. If he is looking up his eyelids are too closed and if he is looking down his chin is too high.
But maybe he is just thinking :slight_smile:
excellent nonetheless.


what is very interesting on this concept is that you have worked a whole Amazonic aesthetics, as if the elves came to our forests and created a new fantastic ethnicity, the union of nordic elves and amerindians!
I really like it so much!
Very creative piece, well done in all the properties, mainly the details!



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