EletroBot - Closer shot, Marcelo Souza (3D)


Title: EletroBot - Closer shot
Name: Marcelo Souza
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

This was a “realistic” Robot made of electros and electronic devices, but without any physical/real proportions.
Made for Print.

4 Days of work
4 hours of render(QuadCore)


wow, love it, looks really great.


Haha, I love the remote-control fingers, that’s just plain awesome… Great job good sir :thumbsup:


Very nice indeed!!! :thumbsup:


wow good job!


Thanks a lot guys. :slight_smile:

I want to offer to my client an animated version of this Bot, so i em riggin it better to animate. :) 

I have another shot with the final version and full body, but when i've tried to submit to cggallery it was submited 3 times in a row. Then i've received a "FLOOD" advise and the image as not accepted. :( But it was an submission error...Not a flood... :( 

I will try to upload it again. But i don't know if its better to host and post the new and bigger frame directly here, on this post... ?


Here is the bigger and final version :


Wow! Very Cool work!
Congrats! I think it must be on the first page.


I like very much the concept of the character, nice design


Como sempre arrebentando… Wonderful work!!!
Congrats man!!!

Parabéns cara!!!


wow! it looks very cool!

Details are plentiful,

Want to know what the final form will change what objects.hehe



His posture was referenced on the transformers big Bots, of course. The animation i will sugest to sell to my client is just a “joke”, with the C4 Tv Ad, with that dancing car.
It could be fun to have this huge bot dancing inside a Eletro Store, and then ending jumping and then falling on the floor like a Signature Packshot. :slight_smile:

I will do an animatic to try to sell it better. :slight_smile:


great work… como sempre fantastico…


looking at it today makes it even better :thumbsup: love the second shot too.


Excellent! Such a great idea to create this kind of robot. I’d like to see his face monitor turned ON with some kind of face on screen :wink:


sexy ! ! !nice work , imaginative with an excellent realisation

congrats :slight_smile:


Wow! Top notch work. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado



Thanks you all guy. I am so glad with your replies. I would like to say sorry about my missing. My main mail has a problem, so i was not advised about the replies… :slight_smile:

I will post some more pose of the robot. The final pose was not on this page. These are production poses, but the client choosed the most simple one... :( 

See ya ! :)


The client is always “right”… :wink: greetings…


Great ! I like your work !:thumbsup: