ELEMENTAL - The World's Best Discreet Art - book


Hi all,

As you have read in the other thread, samples for our three new books came in yesterday.

The one unexpected hit that we’ve had in the last week has been ELEMENTAL, the new Discreet art book that we were invited to make. Pre-orders are now available online at the Ballistic Publishing website, and the book will also be on sale at SIGGRAPH next week. Bundling discounts are available, so if you haven’t already gotten EXPOSE’ 2 or D’artiste, you can bundle them and save.

Sample pages (more)

Doubts and Criticisms Vanish
When we first announced ELEMENTAL, we were met with mixed reaction and criticisms. This came mostly from software zealots using other packages and freaking out that CGTalk was being biased towards Discreet. I too, began to feel a little sceptical after the mixed reactions, however, yesterday that all changed. Holding the book in my hands, I realized that this is one of the best 3D-specific art portfolio book that has ever been put together. Whether you like it or not, artists around the world have done excellent works with 3ds max and it’s now all collected in one volume, that is ELEMENTAL.

The quality of production and print is absolutely flawless. Irregardless of the software or tools used, this is an awesome 3D art book featuring really incredible art works. The book has exceeded everyone’s expectations and it will be one of the hits at SIGGRAPH this year, guaranteed - in fact, it would not surprise me if ELEMENTAL outsells EXPOSE’ 2 at the show.

To clarify and emphasize to the community: We are not biased towards 3ds max or Discreet, this book was produced as a direct result of Discreet approaching us to collaboratively create a portfolio showcase that they could use to market 3ds max We are open to making books with everyone and are dedicated to art in general.

What makes ELEMENTAL different from EXPOSE’
What struck me about ELEMENTAL is that it features almost all (if not totally) 3D works. This is markedly different from EXPOSE’, which is a general CG (2D/3D/digital art) book. What this also means is that there is very little overlap in terms of imagery with EXPOSE’. There is a lot of work in ELEMENTAL that is not in EXPOSE’ and it’s all 3D.

We named the book ELEMENTAL because of Discreet’s product naming convention that alludes to elements: e.g. combustion, inferno, fire, flame, frost, etc. 3ds max’s codename at one stage was ‘magma’, which was dropped for the final product (for whatever reason, not sure).

So there you have it folks, another great book from us. ELEMENTAL is really an unexpected surprise hit for us and I’m proud that it came through so well, despite all the criticisms and doubts, which will be long gone once everyone sees the actual book.



PS: Before anyone enquires about the image we used for the plug. It’s “Eun” by Park Woo Young from the Republic of Korea, using 3ds max and Photoshop.


Before anyone asks:

ELEMENTAL is a totally Ballistic Media publication. Discreet aproached us with the idea only.
We apointed the advisory board. We came up with the title and layout of the book. The selection of images involved both the editors and advisory board and was independant from Discreet and it was totally based on artistic merit. Editors were Mark Snoswell and Daniel Wade – and there is a one page introduction from Carol Bartz, Chairman and CEO of Autodesk and Carl Bass, Autodesk COO and head of Discreet.

The format is different from EXPOSÉ and features more full bleed images. Notably the first category (which EXPOSÉ does not have) of images is Beauty – it seems that a lot of 3D artists are just into creating great looking babes :slight_smile:

… and the results are absoutly stunning !!


I was looking at all those babes thinking why doesn’t Expose have a babes section in the next version… Hint hint… :thumbsup:


Sadly, the creator of “Eun”, Woo-Young PARK, can’t make it to SIGGRAPH, but I think it’s a name to watch for!!


even though im not a max user, i know the talented guys that use it, glad to see the guy behind beans-magic get alot of recognition, his work is something that discreet and other comapines should look up to.


this book gonna be mine!!!


Just out of curiousity I’ve always wanted to know how you find out if your work does get featured in the book. - Is there no Artist list - That would be handy.


I gotta say something… As my girlfriend is an English major, she wouldn’t let me get away with this… Irregardless isn’t a word… so so so sorry leo, you have all the respect in the world from me, just had to say something.

Now that i got that out of the way. VERY impressive work. I think that the app war bitterness should take a step back and look at the talent that is being showcased. Once again, bravo Leo and Ballistic Media.
Now that there has been one app-specific book, any thought to doing others? I’m sure that the companies have to contact you about it, but i’m sure that the people in these forums could crank out some great app-specific work for it…


ANy day now there will be artist and products lists in the form of searchable fields on the submissions page http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/bsw/viewEntries.php

The extended search engine is working in -house and should go live early next week.


G’day … fur sure. Not just app specific but genre specific also. I’ts just a matter of choosing the order we roll titles out in. There are far more good titles on our to-do list than we can keep up with.

English – ha… we only speak Australian here :wink:


just great work. hope this thing turns into a major cash cow for yall… My only question is why didn’t you start this 15 years ago?? :slight_smile: We could all see the evolution of cgi from its formative years up until now! :thumbsup:



I have a quick question:

Besides the covers themselves, are there any other differences between Elemental Soft, Hard and Limited?




Good stuff. Good for discreet. Good for artistic community.



Inside they are the same – just different bindings.


Orkman packs up his stuff and moves to Korea

Amazing work. I don’t know anything about Studio Max, but there sure is some great work shown there.

One question, On page 3 of the click throughs I saw a soldier in what appeard to be Iraq. Does anyone have a link or the name of the Artist that did that?



How can i buy it in China!?


You should be able to buy it the same way that everyone else will be buying it - from SIGGRAPH (if you’re going there this week), from the Ballistic Publishing site, or from discreet’s store (which I can’t remember the link for, I think it’s listed above).


You know I have something to say about this book! Its really upsetting that I wasn’t included. When I entered my work, I thought that there was finally a book that accounted for those with not so much industry experience as yet - most of the uploaded images were of a mid level, and I thought hey I stand a good chance. I entered, and continued to watch the work submitted, and was surprised at how few were actually submitting. Then the book comes out voila, its full of images from all those guys who have had loads of coverage, and are mostly industry experienced. Bah, what a let down its the same stuff with the same guys with all the best software at hand. Oh well, Pitty to me. I’ll try again next time, maybe if I had some experience - which hopefully will happen very soon, I’d have more luck.

God speed all non-industry (i.e. students) ppl!


What on earth gave you the idea that this book was going to be full of non-pro’s? Why would someone want to buy an art book of mediocre art?

The reason that “its full of images from all those guys who have had loads of coverage, and are mostly industry experienced.”, is because those guys are the best of the best MAX users, and alot of them are top industry leaders.

Elemental is the best of the images made with MAX. Your saying that “Bah, what a let down its the same stuff with the same guys with all the best software at hand.” is null and void, when ALL works were done using ONE piece of software (post excluded!). If you submitted your MAX work you were up againsed other peoples MAX work.

If your work didnt get in, it simply means that there were better pieces that did. Dont take it personally. I know Im not. Im just going to have to wait till Expose 3, or Elemental 2. Whichever coms 1st… :wink:


i have some simple querry on the resolution of the images that needs to be sent for the selection of Elemental book. The guideline says :

A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI (portrait), or 3636 pixels wide and/or 2657 pixels high, 300 DPI (landscape). Your image aspect ratio and layout will dictate the final resolution. These are given as guidelines. To be safe, render images that are larger than these specified

shall i have to render the scene exactly in this resolution? i am little bit confused. again it says 300 dpi (landscape/portrait) what does it mean?

rendering at such high resolution using MR and Vray will take days. can anyone explain this to me,

would be grateful, thanks a lot