ElegantDancing, Xu Fei (3D)


Thank you very much for the tips.its very interesting to have your set up in front of my monitor.if don’t mine can you share your Maya file lights rig for me if you don’t mine?i will try used for render set up.It ashamed for me to asked but i hope you understand…Thanks a lot,

here’s my email: jon_palejo@yahoo.com.


beautiful work!
very like the color and the pose ! so beautiful!
5 stars!!


This piece is gorgeous. I love it.


so cute little girl I love it :>


Love the new image of this character! So cute!

good job!:bowdown:


支持下 做的很不错5*


Hi Xufei, excellent work! so cute! and I like your so cute style! beautiful! :bounce:


Many thanks for sharing your workflow and light setup! :thumbsup:


very nice work i love the character and lighting so much.


Thanks for the encouragement CGTALK gives to me. I am so happy and excited to have opportunity to get cg choice award! I will keep exerting myself in the future.
Today is also my birthday.And I think this is my best birthday gift, after getting this good news.


happy birthday!


love the design,and feel of the character ,nice job


great char bro !!
Gratz !!


This is really cute! definitely this makes me happy! she is lovely! thank you so much for that excellente job!.


Very nice work also
With Chinese national characteristics are dolls! Ha ha!
Do not know which nation! Buyi? Miao? Or Tujia?
The next time you comment on the scenes I do!


Superfish-Yuyan: My inspiration of Duoduo is from Qiang ethnic group.
Qiang ethnic group is one minority in our country, with very long history and various customs.
Qiang Embroidery, a civilian technique of Qiang ethnic group, is the crystal of Qiang ethnic group traditional art.


Well yes! it borught happiness to my day, its very refreshing to be able to see this kind of work. I love the outfit!


Five Star ~ ~ ~ envy:cool:


When do you animate her ?


(ElegantDancing) is very beautiful !~
I live in Shanghai, hoping to become friends with you!