ElegantDancing, Xu Fei (3D)


Title: ElegantDancing
Name: Xu Fei
Country: China
Software: Maya

Hello everyone, This is my cartoon character series Happy Duoduo. Duoduo is a very lovely girl, optimistic and active. She loves singing, dancing, drawing and all other interesting things. Hope she could bring happiness to all of you.


Cute character :applause:
I like her hands :bowdown:


lovely and nicely done character


I wonder how much time did you spent, are the skirt animated or static?


Nice character, good work


like it simple nice,

and colors are nice chosen :slight_smile:


Great char,clean and beautiful,congratz!Looks great!


lol, she is a little sweet heart and indeed - she brought happiness into my heart :slight_smile:
cute character, sweet little hands, funny description, don’t know exactly what is going on with her hat, but nevertheless cool stuff.


Love the new image of this character! So cute!


Thanks for all you comments!
caricature:I spent about one and a half months in my free time on this artwork. The skirt is just static.


Cute character… I think the pose is really great…


It very cute and lovely character ^.^
I like it!


Nice and cute caractere ! congrats for fini.>it
best of luck



Absolutely amazing! Love the colors and the overall look of your character.
Thanks for sharing and congratulations to your achievement.



This is one lovely work!
I love it!


Wow,its very nice, i like your concept and lighting,can you give some tips how you set your lighting?
thanks, its a great work…


jonamar:Light is distributed over scene and character separately ,and I used HDR on them.I also added several lights to the character,on the base of HDR,Below is step instruction of light distribution for your reference .Looking forward to our further communication.


Your lighting combined with HDR map? Did you rigged the model or pose it elsewhere? I don’t have time to rig nor the experience to rig so I do posing in Zbrush instead. I hope to produce your kind of quality work someday, a great inspiration and wish to see more of your workflow although we use different programs.


so cute sweet girl.I love it.
Thanks for sharing your wip.
good luck.


very cute… :slight_smile: