Electronic Arts Acquires Digital Illusions


"Electronic Arts has acquired Digital Illusions CE (DICE), the development team and creators of the BATTLEFIELD game franchise. Stockholm, Sweden-based DICE becomes a fully integrated EA studio dedicated to growing the Battlefield franchise and developing new products for the PC, next generation consoles and other new platforms.




And then immediately closed down Canada’s studio:


Man, I feel for those guys. Not only do they get made redundant immediately following the buy-out, but then have to interview again within the parent company for their old jobs:

Many of the staff from that office are now being interviewed for positions at either EA Canada or elsewhere and the work that was being undertaken at Ontario will now be transferred to Stockholm, back to the Digital Illusions team in Sweden,

So EA are saying that Digital Illusions was good enough to be bought out as an investment, but their artists are not good enough to be guaranteed jobs after the buy-out?

Anyone here directly affected by this? I for one would be interested to hear some viewpoints from the artists on the frontline. My sympathies go out to the artists displaced by this arrangement.


EA is a company that has to answer its shareholders, or at least its board of directors, both are very demanding.


And yet it’s moves like these that have finally replaced Microsoft in the “most heartless dick in technology” category. With each year, EA grows into a larger force that IS directly screwing the industry. No two ways about it.


I used to think I would want to work in gaming some day but with stuff like this going on, I don’t know. Seems like the most abussed area of CG. Artists are overworked, studios are always getting bought out by EA, etc. :shrug:


Heh, I feel the same way. Since I was a kid, I wanted to work in games. Now? Hearing stories like this is commonplace and 80 hour workweeks are becoming the norm. I like my job with it’s humble roots and no chance in hell I’ll ever have to deal with the high stress of the game industry of today. I can still make games in my freetime.


There is a small difference - MS made many of its employees millionaires. EA is only making its execs rich.


Working long hour is not JUST a gaming, or EA thing. I have worked in both industry (game and TV/Film), worked long hours, short hours and everything in between. It all depends on what stage the production is, managers, script/design changes, your work habit…


We were talking about the acquisition at work yesterday. I have worked on two of the battlefield games and it is such a shame to hear that this is how the canada studio is being treated. We also talk amongst ourselves on how our jobs or not safe either. The majority of EA employees are contracted out including the dev team and QA, and nothing stops them from getting rid of you.

At my last term served at EA i was literally told to leave first thing one morning. Our complaince team was Microsoft based and because BF, burnout and black all finished at the same time, there were no more MS titles to work on. We had been praised for months at our success rate from MS but this was insignificant. No work for us meant wasting EAs money.

Our whole team was told to go until further notice. No ones job is safe. Fortunately, most of us are back. EA is not a computer games company, it is a Business Asset. An investment. Its unfortunate but it is also the way of the world. At the same time EA has done alot for the gaming community and brought it to the masses, made it more accessible, acceptable etc…

When i have enough choice iwould like to move ot a more dedicated studio, but you cant argue with the credentials of THE biggest game development company by miles. I dont see EA’s success lasting forever. They gonna be around for a long time still, but other companies or soon coming to the forefront, and EAs tactics will also be their cause for failure.


Heh, my work habit is, because I was dead ass broke and desired, yearned for college in the worst possible way, I busted my ass for four straight years working three different jobs at once. 80-90 hour workweeks were the norm but I finally got the money for college, snagged my degree, and got my job where I can support myself AND my interests. Now the only issue I have is the fact that, due to my dedication towards this single minded goal, I wasted a large amount of my youth dating and I remain single.

Because I spent four years of my life working my ass off (and, incidently, I attended college while working 48 hours a week), I have no interest joining any studio that demands that of it’s workers.

As I said before, I’m glad where I’m at, staying here for as long as possible, and working on games as a casual thing.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


lol. always good to see a BF fan. i love it too. Cant really take any of the credit for it though. I wasnt part of the art or programming teams but i compliance and play tested them for months. And as im sure you know, it was a very very tough job as BF is notoriously buggy. Got my name on the credits which is always good :slight_smile:

If you like BF wait for 2142. Were just finishing it up at the mo. AFAIK the demo is gonna be out by the end of the week ( could even be out now). I LOVE it. Love it love it love it. Its so kick ass but my PC wont be able to hak it unfortunately. But i urge you to try the demo when its out. Too much fun.

If your on 360, send me a PM for my gamertag. We can go Cap some flags on conquest mode.


This is sad :frowning:


I agree, it is sad.

Unfortunatly for us, the artists, we can’t forget that the gaming industry is just that, an industry. It’s all business, and while the little guys and gals get screwed by business decisions made by those who work in corporate offices, it’s those very same people in the corporate offices who have the responsibility to take the bottom line into consideration.

In a perfect world, artists would be on staff and no one would have to worry on a contract basis.

Alas, its far from perfect.


I think I’ll quote an ex-girlfriend here.

“I was going to be an artist, but I’m rather fond of the idea of eating.”


you dont only earn money with macdonalds…there is a market for 5star restaurants too. the same goes for almost every industry. the pasion of art cant be destroyed by money. there are always people who apprechiate it…and pay for it.


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