Electric locomotive, Marcel Haladej (3D)


Title: Electric locomotive
Name: Marcel Haladej
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay

tried to create an image of this classic Czechoslovak locomotive(called Laminatka) with an atmosphere of late autumn and the cargo station, whose best days are gone .Rendered with Vray, render elements merged in Digital Fusion, final color corrections in Photoshop.
I hope you will like it


Very good. Textures, modeling… everything.


Beautiful work, nothing to crit really.

Could you post some wires? Also how long did it take you to make this and how many polygons did you use in total? Also, could you describe the post work you did in more detail please?

This should be awarded for sure! 5 stars! :buttrock:


Gr8 absolut nice mood and perfect models and materials


I really like the exposure. You did a great job by making that sun be really bright. Great work. Do you have any past photography experiance in this?


very nice details, great work!


Outstanding job, well done.


What is CG, what is a backplate? Any chance to see a wire or different perspectives of the locomotive?

Great work, like the photographic feel(bit too much vignetting for my taste though).


awesome detail! lots of nice touches


WOW! awesome work ! excellent .


I love your sense of atmosphere and your choices in lighting for this piece. Id love to see your workflow for this render!

Textures/Lighting/Materials 5*'s from me.


Great image! Very nice post.


Cítiť z toho Denka :slight_smile:

Well done !


Incredible work, awesome atmosphere. Just perfect!


VERY NICE ,:cool:


Love it, beautiful work and mood. Very inspired!


Awesome…you have big progres…I like this very mach and one detail THE cat at right SITE COOOL!!


REally like your lighting amazing good job !


Fabulous work there. Amazing ! modeling and rendering work. Love the feel of the render.


i love it this is great. I think it only needs a driver there as a figure…