Eldorado, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: Eldorado
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay

After a while I’ve finally finished my new personal project called “Eldorado”. Soil was originally made for a commercial print but client refused this version asking for less violent soil and so on and so on
We all know how these clients/studio stuff work. I kept the soil scene and decided to use it for my own project since I liked it pretty much. I added lots of extra features like grass strands, roots, leaves and other small bits here and there. At the beginning I wasn’t really sure what will be the hero of the shot. I was thinking about tennis ball, golf ball, pack of cigarettes, bottle etc. but at the and one little toy car won.

Here is why: While I was in Los Angeles in 1Q of 2009 I bought lot of toys for my son Adam. All those action figures like Alien, Predator, Spawn, cars like Audi TT, Ferrari and couple of smaller cars I took because I just liked them. As the months passed by and I started to find these toys on the places all over the house and garden almost destroyed by little 2 and 28 years old boys. I took one of them and decided to put it into this soil environment. It was one of these cars I bought just because I liked it. The 1953 Cadillac Eldorado.

And that’s the story
the rest is just my usual 3dsmax, Vray, Photoshop, a bit of Fusion and couple of hours per day. Routine indeed. I was surprised that it has HUGE amount of polygons. Something around 1,566,320,053 (yes it’s over 1,5 billion ) I never really cared and I checked just now while I was writing this promo text. There are mostly instanced models so it was all rendering using just 8-10gb of RAM. Scene was rendered to 5000×3200px resolution and it took around 7 hours on my 8 core machine with 16Gb of RAM.

Dedicated to my family.

Highres and shaded render here:


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow :bowdown:


amazing work :cry: :argh: :cry:


wow great image you’ve done there ! I’m totally impressed by the soil, is this displacement map or did you model it in max ? The car is really nice too, and the dof makes credible the scale of your scene. Really nice work, congratulations.


gr8 as always Denko rulez


Master Denko


beautiful work as always.The amount of detail you put in something is amazing.


well, another masterpiece! I love your ideas and the way you’re able to bring them “to life”, really great work… and thanks for sharing the story also:)


best CG soil i have ever seen, by a landslide :bowdown:


Extra details, I love it!!

The DOF is added in post pro? Also the Aberration?


as usual… looking for stars more than five :slight_smile: good job marek


great man :slight_smile:


prfect for me :slight_smile:


fantastic shot Denko , really awesome work
I have some questions I hope you will answer me
first of all why don’t you use Zbrush ?
what is your graphics card ?
and how many time did you spend on this project ?

I hope we can see the making of soon , that will be great


amazing work
5 stars


Wireframe? I kid, I kid! :smiley: With over 1 billion polys it will be just one big dark mass for the soil. :wink:

The soil is just perfect and the sense of scale is spot on. Excellent work as usual Denko! :bowdown:


Absolutely amazing. Looks so realistic.


stunning as aways!

5 stars!


insane ground geometry and very nice rendering!


Another masterpiece as usual. Greatly made.