eilidh's sketches


I need to do more environment studies. (ref: Huangguoshu Waterfall)

Photoshop, ca. 3 hours


Wonderful stuff…this waterfall is really sweet! Good DSGs as well always nice to see you posting like this =)


nice variation of sketches and great character works you have here :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:

This was from DSF 2340, The Girl with the Pink Hair. PS, a little more than an hour.


DSF 2344 Fog

Photoshop, 45-50min


And another one! Painter + Photoshop, 1,5h. No ref.


Happy New Year, everyone!

Sharing my latest works from December (and one from yesterday):

Whiteout, in progress

First Snow (from the DSF)

small pencil sketch of Heather Elizabeth Sumpter

Very quick and rough sketch of Saint Basil (Greek equivalent of Santa Claus)

Portrait study from a photo by Jack Davison

Last (and also my first painting of the year): quick environment, roughly based on a photo I took of the Lake of Ioannina, NW Greece.

Very wintry colours in all these! :wink:


Nice update Eleni
I especially like the eyes you are drawing - they’re quite arresting, and the brush work in your ‘First Snow’ piece
all the best for the new year


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