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Rather than re-opening my old sketch thread, I thought I’d start a new one. :slight_smile:

Some favourites from my old sketches: (2006-2008)

Daily Sketch [b]719: [/b][i]Roses are red, Guns are gunmetal gray[/i][b]
Daily Sketch [b]727: [/b][i]Avatar war from hell[/i][b]
[b]732: [/b][i]Stalker[/i], two entries


 [b]736: [/b][i]White[/i]

  [b]737: [/b][i]Self Portrait....As a Samurai[/i]
way out of time limit:

[b]752:[/b] [i]Where the Wild Things Are[/i]

[b]1333:[/b] [i]Deep Beneath the Sea[/i]


From the Open Figure Drawing Workshop, and Anatomy lessons:

From Tres cabezas de estudio by Sorolla

Innocent X by Velázquez

More head studies:


Other works (2006-2007):


… And a late, late return to the Daily Sketch Forum:

Daily Sketch 2090: The Purple Man

Daily Sketch 2096: The Red Queen


Very nice work, i remember some of those daily sketch images. You have a wonderful grasp of human form and anatomy, and those pencil sketches are sweet! Thanks for sharing


Lovely work, eilidh :slight_smile: I really enjoy the pencil sketch of the Samurai. The reproduction of the Sorolla is excellent, he’s one of my favorites. Keep posting!


after your Red Queen daily sketch I was searching for your sketchbook to find it inactive - and today THIS! :slight_smile: - beautiful paintings eilidh


Thanks, guys!

Rabid1: I’m actually not too good at anatomy! I’m very comfortable with faces, and that’s about it. I always mean to spend some time working on full-body anatomy, but I never get round to more than scarce studies.

Daniel68: Thanks for the word of support. Means a lot coming from you, I’ve always loved your work!

embryotic: Thanks! I don’t draw or paint professionally, it’s more of a hobby; so especially when time doesn’t permit, I can go on for months without painting: hence the long inactivity (and closed thread). I always seem to come back to it with a vengeance, though! :smiley:

Two new ones (March 2010). Both originating from tiny mindless pencil doodles. I’m in the habit of doing those, especially when I’m talking on the phone (at work or otherwise) and I am never conscious of what I’m drawing until well after I’ve stopped.

PS for both, except for the background of the first one (Painter).


Some reference used for this, but very loose (photo of a much younger girl, slightly different angle).


Fantastic drawings you’ve there eilidh~!! I personally love the colors of the female in 736:White, the female head portrait below the jedi and Daily Sketch 2096: The Red Queen. This three to me are well done. Love what you’re doing mate! Keep posting :beer: !


Amazing drawings Eleni, i love so much for all your works the mood and the feeling:)


cool atmosphere and color representation . …


Thanks, everyone!

I’m losing track of my sketches: I’ve got several tiny pencil ones scattered all over the place, waiting to be scanned.

Meanwhile, this was a figure study of sorts.


Some sketches from the past ten days or so. Ironically, I do them to rest my eyes from working too many hours in front of a screen. It does work, though. Apparently the frequent shift of focus from reference (on screen) to paper helps.

Also, I like Mass Effect 2, a lot, as you can probably tell. :slight_smile:


Sorry I’ve not been around! I have very little time to paint, and even less to participate at the forums. :confused:

But, here’s some new work.

 A more recent WIP, Mass Effect fanart:

And a close-up from my latest finished piece -- more Mass Effect fanart! -- [http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=133&t=921749](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=133&t=921749)



New WIP…


Recent stuff:

(Note: all these can be found at my sketchblog here.)


From my sketchbook:

Eventide: Photoshop, ca. 2h, on and off

Started it for DSF Red Rain topic, but the rain wasn’t red. :wink:

From the DSF: The Black Wall. PS, 45 min.


Hi eilidh, really like the above entry in this week’s daily sketch. The muted colors create a very bleak atmosphere. Also enjoy those grungy textures as well. Great work :slight_smile:


Thanks, Daniel. :slight_smile: