Eiffel Tower : Growing by myself, Olivier Defaye (3D)


Title: Eiffel Tower : Growing by myself
Name: Olivier Defaye
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I create this image for the cover of a japanese magazine : Cg world (http://www.wgn.co.jp/cgw/).
It is the first of a series of 3 images with the same Idea : The building we made are now growing by themself.
This idea is already use in a short film we made with friend, you can see this shortfilm here : http://www.aokistudio.co.jp/movies/musicien.htm
For this images, i begin by shooting the effeil Tower with a good camera (Nikon D3). I choose a good picture and i began to draw the layout in photoshop.
When i was satisfied, i began to work in max.
Compositing and paintover are made in photoshop.
Hope you like it
Credit : olivier defaye, AOKI (http://www.aokistudio.co.jp/)and CG World .


excellent concept and well executed…

great work… great image



I think it’s insanely awesome and a well creative idea worked out nicely, although the image would’ve been better if that person on the foreground was looking up to see why the hell the eiffel tower is growing cause it’s quite unusual… 4/5! :smiley: good work


nice concept


Hey Olivier, nice idea! :smiley:


Great idea and nicely executed :thumbsup:


Wow, could we see some wires?


super cool concept:applause:


Amazing work, the compositing is excellent. Can you show a breakdown or some wires? 5*


Love the ideia…amazing image:applause:


amazin work i like it very much 7 like the idea very new idea & real image
really very good work

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:

5***** from me :bounce:


Awesome job. Excellent.


Wow this is fantastic, brilliantly executed. :smiley:


Exellent work Olivier !! keep it up!


top notch stuff! very captivating!


that one is premiere , 5 stars work


Beautiful and poetic idea! But metal texture is somewhat too low res to match the composited photograph.


very fine rendering :wink:


excellent work :applause:


I simply love it !

Great idea, and well executed :slight_smile:

Nothing to crit from here :thumbsup: